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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Almost There

The offer was made. The offer was accepted.
All those dreary details that do not include paint colors, furniture and decorating are being seen to on a daily basis.
The decorating is so much more interesting .. if you know what I mean.
The house is the total opposite of what I dreamt of. . what I imagined for my furniture ... the surroundings are a bit less woodsy and isolated than what I dreamt of .. perhaps this is a good thing .. we will see.
But at the same time, there were houses that looked like they might fall over .. that still appealed to me in some way.
Houses surrounded by 100 year old trees, that might fall over too one day.. that still appealed to me.
Fireplaces and isolation and views... that appealed to me.
Now we will have a little of it all, but not such an old house .. not the old beauty full of character but a house that absolutely does still trigger all my decorating and design reflexes and I am constantly imagining this and that in this room or the other.
So we are moving along now.
We will hopefully be in our new home, furniture and all in about a month.
I am unable to download my camera which is bursting with photos of all that we have seen since arrival back in the US.
Enjoy the quiet spell, once I have my own computer ... you will "enjoy" constant catching up on images from Where We Were and Where We Are Now.
It won't be long now, we are almost there ~


  1. I am eagerly awaiting more details on your new home and pictures, for sure! What an exciting time! I hope you take the opportunity to enjoy the 'good stuff' as you go through the process. It will be fun to live vicariously through this chapter of your life!

  2. Told you so.......your patience (and I'm sure a lot of searching) is paying off by the sound of it. Your post is sparking more interest and the need for photos, lots, soon, please dear!!!!

    Hoping all runs smoothly from hereon -

    Warm hugs - Mary

  3. Article in WSJ today 5/3) re BA real estate. You might find interesting as well as comforting that you're soon to be the proud owner of USA home.

  4. Anony, yes, one of my friends, was interviewed in that article.
    I can't really say it was comforting .. we were lucky we sold when we did , but I am sad that Argentina is going through these hard times .. again. And other people will not be as lucky as we were.


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