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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Catching up .. from this old house

Well , here we are , in a 200 year old house in South Egremont, Mass.
I am typing, on the  laptop, early in the am ,  trying to stay warm ( laptop in lap works well for cold weather ) ...  I have so much to tell you and so little time.

Here  is a quick catch-up:

We went to the realtor and talked about houses to buy , available etc and mentioned needing a rental.
He looked through books at rentals and then the Brainstorm hit the realtor, he made a phone call and we have been gifted with the best house you can imagine.

It is old .. very old,  .. 2 story and  originally the owners family's housing for workers who came each year to work on their farm. 
Picture a farm that takes you hours to drive around its borders. which is still alive and working .. these people are from the founders of the area here from early days.
It is impossible for them to be any nicer or more helpful and welcoming.

The house is mind boggling .. we are living in a museum. The main source of heat is the furnace in the lower regions, this heat comes up through vents that warm the main area then wanders upstairs to the top floor.. where we sleep like babies under antique quilts , on antique beds, with windows that look out over a stream , woods and skylights that show sky, tree tops and now and then a formation of geese flying by, honking a hello as they go.

We heard last night that black bears rob the bird feeders in the yard. 
No comment.

We have been enjoying sightseeing, trying out various restaurants and markets and of course, my camera is begging me to give it a rest.

We stayed in a hotel in NYC before coming here to a motel which got great reviews on TripAdvisor but eventually became a Not-So-Great place to be. 

So you can imagine our delight when the realtor said " I think I know someone who can help you with a place to stay for a couple of months " ..

It looks like winter here. There are crocus trying to come up, buds on some trees but otherwise, it is cold.. which is kind of a treat after the heat of Argentina.
Which leads me to say that our hearts and thoughts are with the people of Buenos Aires who are going through this horrible time with flooding rains and loss.

We are happy. I wake up and hear nothing and I am delighted . 
(Nothing = cars honking, trucks, ambulances, dogs barking, city sounds.)

We went to Hudson, NY and got our New York drivers licenses.
I had anxiety attacks before this. 
It was the most pleasant experience I have ever had in a DMV.
They smile, they joke, they do things efficiently and quickly and the entire thing ( that I had been dreading for months) was over in half an hour.
Followed by a celebratory breakfast in a French cafe... warm croissants slathered with chocolate and hot fresh dark French Roast. 

So off we go today, looking at neighborhoods, towns and hamlets and wondering , which one will be our next home.
Photos coming .. when I figure things out with cameras, iPhones and laptops.


  1. Welcome home my friend... sounds like a wonderful place to transition back into North American way of living... can't wait to see the photos..Hugs and blessings, C.(HHL)

  2. Hope the weather cooperates as much as your realtor. Great hunting!

  3. Now that sounds like fun...and yes, we need photos.

  4. My camera is groaning with the weight of all the photos I have sitting inside it, waiting to be seen.
    But my computer is on a ship somewhere and I won't be getting together with it for at least 2-3 months.
    So enjoy a rest from my photos, soon enough I will be posting on and on and ....

  5. Welcome back my friend!!! So happy to hear that you are settling in and all is well. And, you even have dog friends! Yes, definitely need to see pictures.

    ahhhhhh, the sound of "nothing!" We know it well and often remind one another to "Listen..." as it is sooooo quiet here.


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