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Alan Cohen
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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fly Away Home

Today is a day of rest.
So I spent it packing.
And now there are few places to walk or get around and I have no memory of where the things   that I just packed are located .
And I am doing laundry, the curtains were so dirty from the french doors that I need to wash them before packing them. They will be clean when I finally get them out one day and hang them in the windows of the new house.
Wherever it is.
Please God let us find the perfect house fast, I am already tired of the sight of suitcases.

I have gone through a series of mental fits trying to remember where things are and trying to plan a wardrobe. My mind is not happy with all this Thinking that is suddenly required.
I don't know if the end result will be a sharper clearer mind or one that just gives up and stays blank.
Blank doesn't sound so bad at this moment.

Of course, the first thing you empty and clean out when you are moving is ......
the refrigerator.
So there are just a couple of bottles of soda and bottled water and a carton of milk in there.

I like this part ... no cooking.

There is no point in staying here longer than we have to ..
Why stay in an empty apartment full of boxes ? and no curtains on the windows ? and an empty fridge.

Blogging will be sporadic, I think.
I might go days even weeks without a post .
So you can imagine me , sleeping in a plush comfy seat on an airplane where everything is quiet and all the passengers are smiling and polite and quiet.
You can imagine me in a hotel in NY that is comfortable, quiet and posh, for very little money.
You can imagine me tasting food that I have not had in 6 years.

You can imagine me eating Tums every day.
You can imagine me sitting here grinning if you actually believe that the airplane will be plush and quiet.

We walked over to the hotel  and made sure that we have a Quiet room and let them know we will be there earlier than we thought.
The hotel is about a block from our apartment.
We will still see our neighbors and shop keepers and go to the same places for a few more days ..

Then we will fly away home ~


  1. Hope the trip and the move all go as smoothly as these things can. Good luck with it all

    try to enjoy the process and remember that a year from now it will be a thing of the past. Looking forward to hearing about your new adventures, I live through you vicariously.

  3. My husband keeps calm and carries on ..
    I just carry on all the time like a lunatic.
    Thank you.
    Now I have to worry about you too , vicariously LOL

  4. Thank you Furtheron .. big fat besos to you !


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