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But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful.
There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
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Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."
Groucho Marx
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Sunday, March 3, 2013


Yesterday we took one of those long walks that had us thinking we might have walked too far, too much,  would we manage to stagger home?
It began with staircases  and parks and neighborhoods and house looking, and car looking , peeking into walled- in gardens and saying hello to neighborhood cats and avoiding unhappy looking neighborhood dogs.

I used to say if we could have afforded one of the homes in this particular neighborhood, I would not be so quick to leave, but that was before the phone call came ... you know the one .. a baby is coming.
In July. Good thing you are coming home.

So we walk and now I see the familiar sights and neighborhoods, smile and wave at familiar shop keepers and know that in a short time, we will leave here.
If we want to be exact about things, it will be in around 12 - 14 days from now.

There is so much to do that I try to think of what to do first, cannot figure out where to begin, so I go read a book, send an email, edit my photos.
I have become quite expert at Procrastination and Avoidance.

Someone else will pack for me.
This is both a treat and makes me uncomfortable.
I have finally figured out a way around  the uncomfortable.
Everything ... E V E R T H I N G ..goes into Ziplock bags.
No one is touching my undies or nighties or anything else.
I know, like they care ... but I am used to packing my own belongings.

Not handing them over to some strange men.

Who might like them ... What ? you never heard of .... never mind.

I have to pack our suitcases.
The suitcases that we will live out of for the next few months.
This thought sends me to the computer to check fashions and helps me avoid doing anymore packing preparation.

I also have to buy a new suitcase.
I might manage to do that this week. Maybe even tomorrow.
After we get documents translated and signed and see the realtor and find out about airline tickets and ....

I have to go lie down.
This is exhausting.


  1. You really are on home straight now, sending good luck to you and your husband in your move.
    I am procrastinating too, but mine is to do with spring cleaning the house, however, no men will come in and do it for me. I have made a promise that I will get started tomorrow.

  2. When my daughter go flooded from her apartment, Insurance sent in packers. Because it was Insurance they had to itemize everything including boxes of tampons and the number of thongs (hundreds) she had in her drawer. I would bag my own too....can you imagine the records....40 pairs of cotton granny panties.....

  3. I just packed up a very large townhouse into a 10x20 storage locker. It's a good thing there's a huge dumpster in the garbage shed just on the otherside of my garage. I had to shlep stuff into it under the cover of darkness...I filled it to the brim 3x's. Why was I keeping all that sh*t anyway...some for years. We've been living in my daughters basement waiting for easter to move into another place. I gotta's been ----interesting. I should have packed more underwear, I should have packed more clothes. I was determined to pack only "one" suitcase for the duration. But somehow everytime I took stuff into the storage unit my husband came out with yet more of his clothes...things he couldn't live without. When this process started it was kinda warm and hardly any snow, and since I took a tumble at xmas in my crazy boots and ended with a concusion I haven't worm any boots. Only my track shoes. And besides there wasn't much snow since anyway so I packed everything away and wouldn't you know it. It snowed...a now I'm shlepping around in my husbands big winter boots.
    It's the year of the snake...apparently it's the year to move..shed your skin...and reinvent oneself. So here's to your move and mine and everyone else that is changing their skin this year.

  4. It won't be long now! Procrastinating is so easy to do. Who wants to pack and organize? Yuck. But you have the move and a baby to look forward to. And the house hunting. Do you think you'll be homesick for Buenos Aires at all? My husband and i have discussed moving back to Maine in the next few years to be closer to family. But i think a big part of me would be heartbroken.. Does that make any sense??


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