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There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
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Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."
Groucho Marx
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Sunday, February 17, 2013


It has been too hot to be outdoors.
It has been too hot to move much indoors.
It has been too hot for eating or shopping for anything other than water, fruit, watermelon, and coffee.
Our meals have been a variety of combinations of lettuce, tomatoes, onions and avocado.
Bread now and then and sometimes a ramen noodle. Cooked in the microwave. There is no cooking allowed in my non-air conditioned kitchen.
I grew up in the South (USA) ... this reminds me too much of those summers.
Time to get packing, the cool NorthEast USA is calling.

House-hunting online is beginning to pale.
I am now seeing things that just get me crazy. I want to be there, see it, walk through it and imagine myself living in it. Photos online just don't do it.

Maybe tonight we will look at cars.
We will buy a new auto right away.
This could be exciting or it could be ... not exciting.
Our old cars used to be in the world of German sports cars.
Now I see us in something that dogs, children and firewood might fit in.
I have to study photos of ladies dressed well, in some sort of lovely Town & Country auto.

I have been studying the on-line magazines for decor, furnishings and whatever else I can spend time looking at while ignoring the unbearable heat and humidity and slow moving calendar.

So I spend time thinking about our near future and all the things we have in store for us ...

So .. what is it like at your house ?
Cooler than here, I am sure.
What kind of car do you drive ?
Dog ? Cat ?
I am liking Siamese cats right now.

We used to have an Abyssinian .. I loved him so much. He died at the age of 18.
Pup was a Standard Poodle . I don't know if another poodle would suffer by comparison.
I like Alsatians   and my husband jokes about getting a Doberman or some sort of Wolfhound.
Then we would have to shop for a mini bus or a Rover .. so I think we have to curb our enthusiasm for large doggies ..

I also plan my gardens. I see homes with gardens already started and I know I can just move in and add to them and make them ... more.
Hummingbird feeders  ... oh the fun we will have ..

Now I have to figure out tomorrow.
There are shops to be visited. And I hear the temperatures will drop tonight, perhaps we will walk , miles again, stopping at the Evita Museum Cafe for a drink .. or maybe something else.
We will think about that Tomorrow ~


  1. pullllease think again about the doberman. although they are very friendly and loyal etc....they are very powerful and muscular and will drag you all over the place. We used to have a male chow...loved that dog, but the doberman my daughter ended up with, was just tooooooo much. They just bought their first home, got a doberman (were too lazy to do much training) and had a baby, all within about three four months. I will always remember Romeo dragging me all over the neighborhood while they were in hospital having a baby. I think they got the dog in march and by the end of the summer it was HUUUUUGE. He loved the baby and I have many pic's of him planting himself under the swing chair thing the baby was in, or under her jolly jumper. So she always jumped up and down right up next to him. But they eventually had to give him away. U should look into something like a Nissan Rogue, or a comperable vehicle, every car manuf has one similar. Good for hauling stuff and g'kids...the must have vehicle that replaces the van

  2. fifty, my husband "joked about getting a Doberman" ..
    We are looking at the Subaru right now, since we are not in the US to really see and test drive, it is all online shopping at the moment. We are really looking forward to being there and seeing everything in person !

  3. Gosh, i could write a book here, but i'll try not to. lol. It's about 47 degrees Fahrenheit and overcast here. Typical February day in this part of OR, but you likely already know that. :) We don't have a dog, but we have 4 kitties. A black Maine Coon with gorgeous green eyes named Otis, a big tuxedo named Tennessee, (how original, right?) and two calico girls, one named Tortie and one named Snickers! :) All fabulous! We'd like a dog, but he/she would have to be good with cats, and he/she would have to be small. We live in a small suburban ranch with a small yard. So i'll stop here! Your plans sound fun, and a good way to occupy yourselves in that extreme heat! Good luck with your soon to be in person house hunting. You will find some gems in the Northeast. I'm certain of it!

  4. Take a look at the Lexus RX...I've had one for 8 years and I love it. Great Performance and lots of nice features.


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