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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The quiet before the storm

I always have , in the back of my mind, the awareness that while I loll around some days with nothing much to do, nowhere I must go , nothing I must see or even think about ... that these days are gifts.
These days are just the quiet before the storm of busyness that is about to descend on us and I will barely be up for air.

Today we got a hint as to the time of this storm that is about to hit and it is soon .. like starting tomorrow.
Papers to be copied, papers to be legalised, lists, always lots of lists and now there are lists for me and lists for others ! I get to share lists !!

There is suitcase shopping to be done. ( this I like).. there is still hotel room shopping to be done.
Why are we both leaving this out of our daily online search time ?

There is actually airline booking work to be done.
Here it means we actually have to go to the airlines office and make our reservations. We have already been there and sadly, it was not a fun or even cheerful experience.
So I think we might look into travel agents .. saving us the language difficulties and the short tempered , short in patience airline employee...

Then there is the matter of the leak that was fixed yesterday that showed up in a new spot today , it is simple but was not quite fixed, so we get to see our favorite plumber again. Tomorrow.

I have given most of our plants away. My beautiful plants that were small little things and now take a strong person to carry them out .
Kitchen appliances are next.

We will book ourselves into a hotel soon .. the good and the bad ... hotels are good. Have I mentioned that I could live in a hotel. Actually, I came close to it a few times .. traveling for weeks at a time, living in hotels. It never got old and I never wished I was home doing dishes or laundry. I actually missed someone else making the bed and leaving me a chocolate under the pillow.
For some reason, no one else in the house wants to do that .. feh ~

So busy days are ahead ..

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  1. It seems you will soon be very busy. I understand the happiness and sadness you are feeling - and your love of lists! I have enjoyed reading your blog while you have been in Argentina and, hopefully, will enjoy reading about your upcoming adventures when you get moved. Best of luck! (Kalo from Fodors)


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