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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Summer Days

Summer days in Buenos Aires, for us, consist mostly of trying  not to get too much sun, stay cool and avoid being eaten alive by mosquitoes.

To top off the eaten alive part, I have also run into a problem with a bit of a spider invasion in my home.
In my bed,  to be precise and if anyone reading this has a spider phobia ( like I do ) then you may be excused while you go have a fit of shuddering, making odd little noises and twitching at the thought.

At first I blamed it on mosquitoes.
We have had so much rain, it is so warm, mosquitoes are expected.
But the night I pulled back the sheets to get into bed and a large spider was found, just standing there, staring at me defiantly, I realised that 8 legged creatures have been wandering around in the bed with me at night, taking a bite here and there.

Have we mentioned that I am spider phobic ?

After two messages to the managers, no responses and another bite on my arm, I have resorted to spraying Raid under and around my bed and washing everything with bleach.

I worry that all the bleach and Raid will do something to our chromosomes and we will wake up with antennae of our own !

So added to the heat and boredom of a very hot and seemingly long summer, I itch.

Moving on to more important matters ... I think I should buy more handbags.
I mean, really, one can never have too many handbags and I think if I have enough, there will be no need to ask for more when back there ... in the Real World.
I will have all those lovely reminders of my life here, hanging on my arm as I go about my life in my new/old home.

We have been watching old television shows on the computer at night ..
I am now all caught up on Mob Doctor, Downton Abbey, Justified , True Blood, Dexter, Homeland  and Boardwalk Empire.
We do enjoy watching old BBC shows ... I sort of don't mind if they are very old, corny and silly, they are entertaining and I can understand the language.

We go to the cinema when something is appealing and in English, which is just about every week.
And the cinema is in a mall  so while we can eat , drink, see a movie and shop, the Summer days are still long and there are many of them.

It stays light until  around 8 pm. The days are very long. Good thing I start my days very slowly.
It is 11 am and I am in my nightgown with my third cup of coffee.
I am not ashamed of this, these days are coming to an end and I will be up early and busy and wishing I had a moment to just take a breath.
I can't wait.
So I will enjoy this time of quiet and relaxation, changes are coming, I will be ready for them.

Speaking of Summer, we will return to the US, leaving behind the end of Winter and arriving to the Beginning of Spring. Not bad ... not bad at all ~


  1. OMG THAT'S AWFUL!!! I would not at all be able to sleep in my home if I knew there was a spider infestation! Did you manage to get rid of them in the end?

    x Milsters


  2. I don't do spiders...
    Hate them...
    Squish them every chance I get...
    Still light at 8pm, eh??? That...I will take anyday...
    So you will be back by Spring??
    This Spring???

    F A B U L O U S....

    Linda :o)

  3. Downton, Homeland, Boardwalk? I'm so into them. Ask me anything. When I was in Nicaragua a month ago I loved to YouTube it up. I watched so many of those old English shows especially Forsyte Saga, Rumpole of the Old Bailey, and hours upon hours of John Le Carre' stories with Alec Guiness as Smiley in such classics as Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, inspired of course by the recent redo directed by the enfent terible of today's cinema, Tomas
    Alfredson and starring an amazing Gary Oldman.


  4. Geoffbob ! :)
    We have managed to watch entire series down here online ! My husband is brilliant at finding things and getting them online. Lucky for us, we got a nice big monitor for this computer.
    Love Gary Oldman.
    I would like to go on the record for hating the "Special" of Downton Abby.
    So good to see you geoffbob :)


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