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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Shopping Online ... for a House

I never truly appreciated the wonderfulness of being able to shop online.
Oh sure, I can go to Saks or Sephora or Mark Jacobs and look at make-up, shoes and clothing, but I never depended on it or spent that much time.
It is always worth a quick trip to the online shop to see what is new etc but being there in person is what I prefer, so I wait until I can Be There.

But while we wait for the final closing on the apartment and the buying of the airline tickets, I sit each day and browse
This is my new version of Online shopping. These days, it is better than Bloomingdales.
I can pick out the State, Town or County that I am interested in, fill in the blanks and browse for hours through houses.

I had a certain kind of house in mind.
A Center Hall Colonial. Surrounded by big trees and no neighbors.
Big white house, lots of windows and very nice proportions and no neighbors.

Then I saw a Contemporary house.
High ceilings, lots of glass, light and clean surfaces.
After living in a 100 year old French style building with nothing but moldings and high, high ceilings and squeaky 100 year old floors, I am not so against modern and new as I used to be.

So I am getting more open-minded as the days go by, although I am still not living in a house on a lake ( bugs, snakes, people fishing) or a house in the middle of a forest that goes on forever and I know there are things hiding in that forest that will want to come into my yard at night and scare me... not really but the idea of being the only house for miles is a little creepy and isolation is not what we want, just no neighbors .
Yes, there is a difference.

Today I found my house.
Mid - Century Modern.
On a small hill, on a few acres, views galore, a neighbor waaay in the distance and gardens.
The living room has a wall of a grey stone fireplace with a raised hearth.
Huge windows with views of trees and gardens and sky.
The back has flower gardens and stone walls and is completely fenced in with a charming white picket fence, to keep our new pup safe.

I am already planning the colors.
Did I mention the kitchen is a wonderful stainless steel, marble and wood space that is perfect just because it is new and I don't have to put one in.

We have about 6 weeks, we think. Then we are off ... to our next new home and adventures.

I will try not to post about house hunting every single day ... really.


Rosemary said...

It is actually lovely to hear your thoughts, dreams and ideas on the house that you wish to find to live in.
I love looking at houses, and do hope you find the one that sets your heart a flutter. You know you have found the right one he minute you see it, and enter.

Mary said...

Post about house hunting all you want! I'll find it fascinating. Are you moving to New England by any chance, or upstate New York somewhere? If so.. you'll have no problem finding the type of home you seek!

NotesFromAbroad said...

Rosemary, Thank you.. you are so kind ! I like looking at houses anyway, so it is no punishment spending hours poring over the real estate sites.. I get all kinds of good ideas!
Thank you.. yes, you know it when you see it :)

Mary, Thank you too.. I used to like it when my friends would send me ads for homes when they were looking. Upstate NY or thereabouts.. we are not tied to one place other than wanting to be a certain distance from NYC .
Plus we are both very excited about the prospect of a New Adventure. Living in the country .. not a suburb but out in the woods sort of country. Imagine Green Acres .. that will be us :)

asi said...

Please post as many houses as you can and why you like them for our edification! We all need to dream. Mt.V

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