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Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Years Resolutions

Hey ! it is Better Late than Never !

I am going to try to eat less bread and pasta and more veggies and salads and fruit.
(this will be much easier when we are away from the land of steak and bloody animal parts)

I might start taking vitamins
(can grown-ups take flavoured One A Day Chewables ? ... it might make me remember to take them)

I will remember to use sunblock before I go out the door, winter and summer.
(shall we discuss the new freckles and no doubt wrinkles that are arriving as we speak? )

I will eat less Sweets.
(do they make really sweet chocolate covered vitamins ?? )

I will continue to walk at least a mile a day..wherever we end up living
(let's hope this does not involved cow pastures, climbing over fences in fields and perhaps running from angry farm animals)

I will do my best to blog something interesting...
Other than what paint color I decided on for the new house and where should I plant the hostas.
(You know I won't keep this one, don't you ?)

Although I will be living in the countryside and people often dress for comfort , I will maintain my standards and still dress properly ...
(you will never see me out of the house in exercise outfits, sweat shirts and pants , big baggy things but I might go to the mailbox in my pyjamas, just to keep things exciting.

Although I will be out in the country and no one will see me anyway, I will maintain an excellent wardrobe of Outfits To Wear in the Country

(Starting with Wellingtons for mucking about in the garden.. the right jacket for going to the market and the right shoes for going out to dinner in a nearby village restaurant or do they wear the same outfit for all of those activities ?  )

It is all a day dream at this moment but there will be a day when there is a kitten and a new pup in the house.
I will do my best not to blog about them every single day.
(this might be as successful as my not eating chocolate every day)

I will probably post photos of them .. you will just have to live with it.

Happy 2013.
Wishing you a  Safe  Happy Healthy New Year.

Be sure to be dressed properly ~



  1. Hey, Feliz Año nuevo, my friend from A Broad! Sounds like excellent new year's resolution or whatever they are called. I love reading about health and nutrition and the latest is that now meat is good. I don't know what to believe anymore. I'm not a vegetarian, I'm not just a meat lover, but it's good to know that a bit of meat is just fine.

    I love warm weather, so I miss my summers in BsAs. I feel miserable when it's cold. Las Vegas is colder than I thought.

    As usual, I enjoy your music selection :)

    Ciao and I wish you the best in 2013.

  2. When you come to the US, you can drink Emergan-C. It has lots of vitamins and tastes great! Keep blogging Mt.V

  3. The sunblock one is a good NY resolution!! I am adamant about putting on sunblock every morning and use Shiseido's 50+ SPF (it comes on very thinly and non-greasily - a good investment). It's the only way to prevent wrinkles!!

    But I would say, forget your NY resolution about sweets! Life is too short :) We must eat our way happily through it! :P

    x Milsters


  4. I have not eaten red meat in over 30 years so I guess it is doing something good for me .

    Sunblock, I have no memory left and for some reason, when we are out and I notice the sun beating down on me, that is when I remember the sunblock :(
    You are right, Milsters, Life is too short.
    Time for chocolate.

  5. Such lovely resolutions,Candice...
    Best of luck with ALL of them...

    Linda :o)


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