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Thursday, January 10, 2013

I'm melting

If you are in Recoleta, here in Buenos Aires and you see a puddle on the sidewalk, with a straw hat and a pair of ballet flats lying nearby ............... it is me.
I have begun to melt.
It is only a matter of time before I am just a little puddle on the ground.

I will leave here after a very long hot summer and arrive in NY in early cold spring.
We will not discuss how excited this makes me.
How much I am looking forward to being able to whine about the cold again.

Nowhere did it ever say in any guidebook , when we were planning to move here, that the summers are really about a year long.  Well, maybe not a year ... but it feels like it.
And every day there is this beautiful blue sky with an occasional puff of a white cloud and sometimes a little breeze and this huge H U G E sun that blazes down for at least 12 hours.

I think I saw a bird lying on a tree branch, fanning itself.
I did see a street dog lying in a puddle where the air conditioners drip water.

The parks are pretty empty. In cool weather, you will see all the benches full of people, enjoying lunch outside, having mate and visiting with friends or just sitting and enjoying the trees and people watching.
Not now ... I think the pigeons went to Bariloche. The parks are empty .

They are putting in a new subway line.
I see the men who work down inside walking by, in orange jumpsuits and hardhats .. I think it must either be very cool under ground or these guys are Super men .. really.

My plants on the balcony have stopped speaking to me.
No matter how much we water them, they are burning up out there.
I hate to say goodbye to them, but I think for their sake, they need to be carried downstairs to the garden where they can sit in the shade and chat with the other plants and be cool and comfy.
My jade plants are down there and have been so very happy since they moved off of the balcony.
I miss seeing them but they are happy.
One jade plant is about thigh high to me .. we were walking on the sidewalk one day and noticed a man snapping twigs of jade plant off of a giant jade plant growing by a tree.
He saw us watching him so he gave me a twig of jade stem and told me to plant it.
I could not believe anything would come of it but I did it.
And now, almost 6 years later, that twig with one tiny leaf is a big fat shrub that takes two men  to carry.
I might have a Green Thumb.
Unless it has melted off.

Enjoy the cool or cold weather wherever you are.
I will be here , melting ..

this is the last of my hot weather complaint posts. I will spare you anymore.


  1. You make me feel like what it is to be in a hot place. Hope you find some shade soon! MtV

  2. Just before reading your post, we read a rant from a Puerto Rican blogger we follow about how cold it is in the Caribbean right now. And just before that we read of Milster's hardships surviving her life in Paris.

    Please...ask us now much we sympathize with any of you?!!

    Your friends in a cold gray Canadian January,

  3. LOL, B & J .. Sweet Milster .. don't you love her ? Come on down here and we can whine together about the heat :) besos !

  4. Please don't melt away just yet, we need to get you back home.
    The world has gone mad - raging fires in Australia from the intense heat, no snow on our visit to Norway, and my flowers are spring up everywhere in January when they should be still sleeping!!!

  5. Oh Rosemary, If I could wish myself somewhere today, it would be the area in your blog photos called Stavenger Old Town. It looks so cool .. weather -wise and otherwise :) Besos !

  6. Í'm envying you as I sit here freezing. I can't get above 61 though the thermostat is set at 71.
    The furnace guy was here yesterday. He said there s nothing he can do for me in this cold weather because there are not enough baseboard heating units

  7. cigale, space heaters ! we had to buy one here when there was a heater problem ..


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