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Alan Cohen
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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Scrooge here

Hello Boys and Girls, Scrooge here !
Yes, Scrooge.
What ? you didn't know that Scrooge is in Argentina ?
Why, of course he is .. or she is ... Scrooge is everywhere, just like Santa and the Easter Bunny .
Well, maybe not the Easter Bunny, they would shoot that bunny faster than you can say empanada.

But Scrooge is here and she has something to say.
It is hot.
It is too hot to be Christmas.
Christmas should not be spent inside with the a/c on full blast.
Nor should it be spent on a hot sandy beach although that might be preferable to the air conditioned apartment in the city where the last bad driver on earth will be found, honking his horn at a red light.

Did I mention that this Christmas finds us in a sold apartment, waiting to move to the US ?
Counting the days until I can once again be complaining about the cold.
There are no Christmas trees here, the flowers are wilting and dead at the flower shops on the corners and there are no Christmas carols on the television.
We never bothered with a radio here.
But there wouldn't be any Holiday songs on the radio either.
Unless Ricky Martin or Shakira are the ones doing the singing.

It is too hot to cook so Christmas dinner at our house will look something like pasta .
Or pizza .
Or a sandwich that doesn't have to be cooked.

Hopefully, not too long after the New Year, someone will Take Us Away and we will be back in the USA.
Where I can once again whine about things.

Until then . . . It is dreadfully hot.
Freckles pop out , brains fry, white skin looks an unpleasant hot pink color.
Movie theatres and malls over-air conditioned.
So while you are sweating your brains out walking down the street to the mall, be sure to carry a warm sweater in your bag , upon arrival, the sweat on your brow will freeze.

And remember, while you are sitting before  the fire, warming your little cold feet and hands, dreaming of Santa and his sleigh, give a thought to those of us who are huddled by the air conditioner, dreaming of Santa and a moving van ..
Merry Christmas .. really.

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