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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Scrooge here

Hello Boys and Girls, Scrooge here !
Yes, Scrooge.
What ? you didn't know that Scrooge is in Argentina ?
Why, of course he is .. or she is ... Scrooge is everywhere, just like Santa and the Easter Bunny .
Well, maybe not the Easter Bunny, they would shoot that bunny faster than you can say empanada.

But Scrooge is here and she has something to say.
It is hot.
It is too hot to be Christmas.
Christmas should not be spent inside with the a/c on full blast.
Nor should it be spent on a hot sandy beach although that might be preferable to the air conditioned apartment in the city where the last bad driver on earth will be found, honking his horn at a red light.

Did I mention that this Christmas finds us in a sold apartment, waiting to move to the US ?
Counting the days until I can once again be complaining about the cold.
There are no Christmas trees here, the flowers are wilting and dead at the flower shops on the corners and there are no Christmas carols on the television.
We never bothered with a radio here.
But there wouldn't be any Holiday songs on the radio either.
Unless Ricky Martin or Shakira are the ones doing the singing.

It is too hot to cook so Christmas dinner at our house will look something like pasta .
Or pizza .
Or a sandwich that doesn't have to be cooked.

Hopefully, not too long after the New Year, someone will Take Us Away and we will be back in the USA.
Where I can once again whine about things.

Until then . . . It is dreadfully hot.
Freckles pop out , brains fry, white skin looks an unpleasant hot pink color.
Movie theatres and malls over-air conditioned.
So while you are sweating your brains out walking down the street to the mall, be sure to carry a warm sweater in your bag , upon arrival, the sweat on your brow will freeze.

And remember, while you are sitting before  the fire, warming your little cold feet and hands, dreaming of Santa and his sleigh, give a thought to those of us who are huddled by the air conditioner, dreaming of Santa and a moving van ..
Merry Christmas .. really.


Mary said...

Merry Christmas to you! :) I mean it.. and try to stay cool as you await your move. You know, the grass IS always greener. It has been pouring rain for days straight here in Oregon with temps in the high 30s and low 40s. I've been longing for summer heat.. temps in the 80s. I would like to have spent the coming Christmas in Tahiti. Alas. What region of the US are you moving to? :)

NotesFromAbroad said...

Thank you Mary ! We are moving back to (home) New York :)

Francesca Muir said...

WIshing you a Merry Christmas and Happy 2013 and may it bring you all you wish for with little angst! F x

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Even so, I am still going to wish you a wonderful Christmas and hope that you will enjoy yourselves !!
.... and, thank yo for another year of blogging friendship. Much loe. XXXX

bee and jay said... careful what you wish for...

-25C here on the Canadian prairie today! As much as I love my family, I'm looking forward to returning to Toronto's +1C on Thursday!

Merry Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you, too!!

I am indeed in front of the fire, tree lit and Elvis is on the radio singing 'Blue Christmas'...

I hope your move goes smoothly and all the financial transactions materialize as planned. Reading about Argentina and her finances is scary stuff. Best to you on this one!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it always a case of be careful what you wish for! I appreciate that you'll be happy to return to the US, but that will also bring new challenges. You may find that old friends aren't the same as you remember, that you really don't like cold weather (are you really up for shovelling snow?) and so on. I've often thought about how I would adjust if I were to move to another country, even another city in my own country, at this point in my life. I know I'd have to make a real effort to make friends and create a life that I enjoy as much as I do now.

All the best in 2013!

NotesFromAbroad said...

Anonymous, Elvis ? Blue Christmas ? wonderful :)
Everything is going perfectly so far, we expect everything to continue to be fine.
Yes, Argentina and her finances are something to be very aware of .
Thank you very much for the good wishes !

Anonymous ...
In our lives, we have lived in England, California, India and always returned to NY .. so I think this will be just another return to Home.
Of course things change while you are away but thank goodness for that !
How boring if everything stayed exactly the same !
I hear they have some new fangled invention called the snow blower, we might have to try it :)
or better yet, the boy next door.

We have done this sort of thing already, I do recommend it ... for us, it was not a matter of leaving friends and "home" but making new friends in a new home.
I definitely feel our lives were enriched by this and we have gained this wonderful Life Experience.
But travel and living abroad isn't for everyone, I understand that.

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