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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cranky Town

Welcome to Busy Town. . or some might say Cranky Town.
Aside from the government officials who zoom around by helicopter daily, we have other , I suppose- lesser officials, who travel by auto, zooming through the city streets.
We are alerted to this, every time, by  the  motorcycle police  and police cars, speeding down the streets with horns and sirens going and among all the lesser official cars, there will be one shiny big black car .. 
Being mostly Clueless  in Buenos Aires, we have no idea who they are or where they are coming from or going, it is still a tiny moment of pomp and Argentine Hooplah.

( I did recognise the flags of the officials from Israel who went zooming down our street a couple of years ago, that was very cool. )

A few blocks from here, we have some mighty grand and beautiful hotels.
Large hotels with security. 
They are just right for those who come here with an entourage and require 24 hour a day pampering and bowing and scraping.
Madonna is here.

And in the Sports World, the one I pay a tiny bit of attention to,  Roger Federer and Juan Martín del Potro are here too.
I am sure there are many more luminaries here, but these are the ones that are the most recent and fussed over at the moment.

Now on to other Cranky-ness...

This will garner no sympathy for me, but my housekeeper didn't show up again for the 4th time. 
Forget about the fact that we have a maid who comes once a week, this is the way things are done here, everyone has a maid .. they call them maids too. Not housekeeper . 
Mine calls in sick ... often. 
Actually she just doesn't show up. Often.

She is here once then the rest of the month, she has some sort of health emergency.
I generally have never really cared but this is her 4th Wednesday illness in a row.
I think it has something to do with finding out we sold the apartment and we are moving.

So this all leads me to complain about the noise of our vacuum cleaner, the funny scent it leaves behind , how tiresome I find people who sit in traffic that is obviously going nowhere and still honk incessantly and the lady upstairs has allowed her pipes to leak ( in other words, after the last leak, she did nothing to repair them) and we now have water stains on an otherwise new clean white ceiling. 
And we will have to hire a painter and pay for the repairs. 

Some things in life are just not fair ... ( obvious ploy for sympathy)

So being busy   complaining and all,   we will drag my whining self   to the Mall.
Where there is pretty music, mighty air conditioning and many many shops.

I will no doubt find something I have to buy and probably will return in a much better mood.. and maybe not so cranky.


  1. When will you actually be moving? I'm sure you are eager to have the move behind you and be back in USA, even if you will miss that which you have enjoyed in Buenos Aires.

  2. I think it might take maybe 2-3 months for all paperwork etc to be finalised .. I am looking forward to Spring in the US. If it is earlier, we will be happily surprised. So we treasure our moments left, living here .. cranky and all :)

  3. I'm just guessing here...or maybe you've come to the same conclusion...but your maid/housekeeper - has probably replaced you??? And another question? Just curious really -- your upstair neighbour? Can't be made to do repairs? Don't they have any sort of assistance for that kind of thing? Like condo boards or homeowners insurance? If this was happening to me---well--- but I'm probably bitchier.

  4. fiftyfinally, we must sit down and have tea and discuss our bitchiness :)
    The maid actually loves us. She takes very good care of us, when she actually comes here.
    She is just not a dedicated worker :) Her daughter emailed me, apologized ( did she read this ?) and gave her moms excuses.
    Here the condo board is a Consortio and yes, they are taking care of things .. thank goodness for them, they take care of us like family ( better than some families).
    The fun of living in a foreign land, they don't do things they way they do "back home" :)


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