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Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Summer Sunday

Sundays here are much like Sunday back in the US .. we get up later, we spend more time over newspapers ( here, they are all online) and drink copious amounts of coffee. ( Brazilian Santos, French roasted, deliciosa !)

Then we   get dressed and prepare to go out and face the sunshine.
One of us takes longer to get ready, find the right shoes, where is the camera, do I need the phone ?, he patiently says no.. and we are off.

Today the sunshine is lovely, bright, not a cloud in sight and after a few minutes, you can actually feel the freckles popping out ... no ! really !
Standing on the corner of a huge boulevard with no shade, waiting for the light to change, you can almost feel that little sizzle when exposed skin is starting to get just a tiny bit too much sun.

It is a relief to get across the street, dodging taxi drivers and buses, to get to the shady side of the street.
Like little cats , we slink along the shady side, hovering in doorways when we wait to cross streets, popping into air conditioned bakeries and markets, then stopping for a little spell on a park bench , in the shade, in the park.

Snacking on fresh baked scones from  the bakery, we chat about the weather, the people in the park and most interesting to us these days, the plans for returning to the United States  and all the details that need to be planned for, thought of, looked forward to.

The only thing that makes me sad about going back to the US is that I have to leave all the people in Buenos Aires behind.
I haven't figured out how to get around that .. I guess it just means I will be planning a lot of visits back here.

After running errands , taking photos as we dashed from one shady spot to the other, we decided that the best place to be today is at home, with the air conditioning.

So here we are.
I, blogging and looking at houses online.
My husband , reading.
All we need is a little cat before the (imaginary) hearth and Pup lying by my chair.

A perfect Summer Sunday ..
the walk home


  1. Yes! I am a big fan of the idea of getting a little puppy and kitten. I have them (in my Vancouver home) and love them to bits. Am thinking of getting a puppy or a kitten when I return to Paris. (In Vancouver, I can always leave them with my parents so they have company even when I am abroad for work... It would be a bit tougher in Paris but maybe not so much with my partner there!)

    Love the photo :)



  2. The sunshine looks divine. :) But i can't feel the scorching heat when i look at the pic. I'm glad you're making plans to come back if that's what you want. I hope all goes smoothly for you. And i don't blame you for the word verification thing. Spanners are a pain in the ***. I just don't get the point of spamming....why it happens to begin with..

  3. Milsters, my sweet Pup was thought of as one of the family ( children lol) and we just adjusted our travels accordingly. We used to have a fabulous pup sitter, he slept on her bed ! and when we took him on long road trips, we stayed in hotels that were dog friendly. He traveled from NY to FL to OR and flew to Argentina .. with us. We were all one little family unit .. going home without him will be sad .. So I say get that kitten or puppy ( kittens/cats are much easier to leave with sitters btw .. we had one of those too ) .. a little more work maybe, but they are worth it.

    Mary- I was getting so much spam, it just isn't worth having to police it .. I don't really understand spammers myself but they are apparently here to stay and be annoying :)


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