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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hace Calor !!

It is Hot !!
Last time I heard, it was 95 º F and mostly sunny.
Well, I can see the mostly sunny part, I had to go out and experience the high temperature part.
If one were to ask me, I would say it had to be at least 105º !
No, really, it is the sort of heat that I have heard people fried eggs on the street.
The kind of heat that makes women sit out on the balcony and fan themselves and order someone to bring them a Mint Julep or some such silly hot weather drink.
This sort of weather makes me thank God every day that someone invented Air Conditioning.
I am making all sorts of deals with God that the power companies can keep up with the heat and we continue to have Air Conditioning.
Otherwise, well, we can call that fit that I will have a .... melt down.

We bought watermelon.
I plan to refrigerate it for a while then gobble it up.
Remembering when I was a child in the US South and my cousins and I would have watermelon on our grandmothers big porch then have fights .. shooting watermelon pits at each other.
Lolling around like fat bellied puppies in the heat, full of watermelon and listening to the fans whirring and watching for the fireflies to start up.

Then it would be time to run off home to dinner and maybe Daddy would take us to get Dairy Queen.

And now, here I am in Argentina... that is a long way from North Carolina.. let me tell you.

But somehow, so many things are the same.
Tonight I will have watermelon for dessert and will annoy my Yankee husband by shooting him with watermelon pits.
It will be great fun.

Stay warm, stay cool, wherever you are .. and watch out for the pits.


  1. We checked our Weather Underground app yesterday afternoon (from afar in crisp autumnal Toronto) and their Recoleta station was posting 38C/ 100F, so you were not far off!

    Sounds like it's cooler (if a lot wetter) today. Stay cool AND dry!

  2. Omg, I was in San Antonio de Areco with my partner for the day, and WE NEARLY DIED FROM THE HEAT!! They said in La Nación that it was the hottest temperatures on record for November ever since they started *tracking* temperatures in Buenos Aires in 1906!! Simply crazy.




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