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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Important things

There is nothing like living on another continent and having family in harms way, thousands of miles away. We have been through storms and hurricanes and snow fall that buried us for weeks .. but being this far away when hurricanes threaten both children and the rest of the family is difficult.

One child is fine, no problems there.
The other just emailed to say that the electricity is still on and all is well.

Phew ~

Our hearts go out to all the people in New York who are waking up to a watery and damaged city.
I have never seen anything quite like this, not in the New York we used to know.

But knowing those people, the amazing people of New York, I am sure that this will be just another thing that they will overcome, that they will deal with and life will go on.

This Hurricane of 2012 will be something for them to talk about and refer to and have some good stories to share. As long as everyone is safe and sound .. that is what is important.

God Bless New York and all the people in it ... and New Jersey and all the other states that have been hit by this Hurricane.

photo: NY Daily News


  1. HERE HERE!! I definitely concur. I'm so glad that the hurricane has passed there. My friends living in Manhattan and Brooklyn sent some frightening photographs this morning - it's crazy to think that New York could ever look like that!



  2. I couldn't have said it better... Funny, I just think of all the different communities having this time to help each other and party !!! :) One thing I love about "Home" - the fun made out of the worst... they have that wonderful zest I miss... Glad the NY Kid and Little Wife are safe and sound xx

  3. Thanks for your wishes. The gas lines are a nightmare and many people are still in the dark but we are safe and trying to help each other. MtV


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