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Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Photo

Plaza Francia in Recoleta.
This is my neighborhood. 
This is one of my favorite monuments. 
Actually this is in "Pup's Park" and we spent many a happy day lounging at the bottom of this massive fabulous monument to the French and Pup would do his best to steal the bread or scone crumbs that I would throw out to the pigeons. 
He thought it was all great fun, Mama throws food, birds come, Pup eats the food and chases the birds. What could be better ?  
You can see what a nice sky we have here. This is the color of the skies here, pretty much 80 % of the time.  
The parks are especially busy right now, parrots are building nests at the top of the Palm Trees.
Little bitty birds are mooching around, eating whatever little bitty birds eat in the grass and if you happen to be eating something, they will patiently wait at your feet for you to drop/throw them a crumb.
I admit I have been known to share a few scones and crumbs with the little feathered creatures in the park. They bring me pleasure, I bring them crumbs, we get along well.

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  1. I can't believe how blue the skies are here! I don't remember it being like this before, mainly before I came in the southern wintertime in the past. It's absolutely gorgeous!

    I am just settling into my apartment in Palermo Soho and would love to meet up for a cup of coffee or tea one day if you have any time!

    All the best,



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