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Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Good Deed


You know the saying, No Good Deed Goes Unpunished ?
Today we stopped at the bank to use the ATM machine.
We had been walking around the neighbourhood for hours.
I had worked my fingers to the bone, trying on clothes at a mall, trying to decide which handbag I want next and critiquing all my fellow shoppers.
( I am very good at that, luckily only the husband gets to hear me ).

We wandered past the Feria where the sidewalks are full of tables set up with all sorts of Hippy jewellery and leather goods and Argentine knives with bone handles and silver this and that.
There were quite a few people and more on the way.
The weather today is perfect, in the low 70s and sun and clouds so it never got too warm to shop.
( is there really such a thing??)
Recoleta Feria
We strolled past the Museum (Palais de Glace) and noticed that the same exhibits are there that we saw a few weeks ago so we kept going.
I took photos of my favourite buildings, doors, parks and streets as we moseyed along.

We ended up at Patio Bullrich, a fine department store.
Full of fine shops.
Fine goods and very high prices.
Things are no longer the bargain they used to be here in Buenos Aires.
But it is still fun to look and I still manage to find something, so all is not lost.

On the walk back, we stopped at the bank.
We had to wait, as there were 2 people inside on the ATM machines.
A young man bounced out, ran across the street and we went in .. when my husband went to put his card in the machine, the card belonging to the young man came out.
Oh dear, what to do ?
I ran to the door, went out and looked and there he was, already up the block .
I waved and waved.
( Polite people walked past as if I were not waving but they didn't quite look me in the eye either)
So I started to trot up the sidewalk, thinking I would get within yelling distance, then a car pulled up and he hopped in.
But I was halfway there !
So I ran across the street, they were at the light!
I got to the car , panting .. panting .. they both looked at me and smiled.
( Have I mentioned how polite some people are here ?)
And I said ... in my finest Castellano ... Your bank card ... in the machine ... Pointing at the bank ..
And he got it !
Many thanks later, they drove around the block and he came and got his card.
We felt very good about that .. as we walked home we imagined how it would feel to go back and the card is gone, imagined if we had not been able to find him, how we would have dealt with the card.
Give it to the bank, cut it up, leave it ?
Now we are home, tea time, resting , my feet are still not speaking to me.
Next ?  perhaps we will go farther for our shopping .. who knows what adventure awaits us ?


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