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Friday, September 28, 2012

Saturday HouseHunters

We are awaiting the realtor with her clients.
The apartment sparkles, waiting with bated breath to see if these are The Ones.
We are torn most days ... we love it here. We love the people. We love our home.
But then, we miss family.
We miss the people.
We miss our home.

Some things I have noted since being On the Market.

Your house is never so clean. You know people will be looking into all nooks and crannies.
Everything sparkles.

You never knew you could be such a tyrant about dust, don't move that vase, keep those books lined up in order.. perfectly .. thank you veddy much.

Everything we do , everywhere we go, has a bitter-sweetness to it.
We are looking at everything, as if for the Last time.

Which helps me deal with small irritations also ... "it won't be for much longer".

I also go into a panic faster and easier if something looks like it is cracking, falling apart, showing wear and tear.
This is something that happens daily, the building is 100 years old.

The Upside to being For Sale:  No cooking.  ( might make a mess, might smell up the apt ).

I have been shopping.. it is Spring. Warmer ( some days) and sunny (some days) and I know one day it will just be hot and sunny and Summer will be here.
So I have new shoes and new jeans and some hippie looking summer tops and I am on the look-out for yet another handbag.
No, dear, there is No Such Thing as Too Many Handbags.

While all the daily things happen, life goes on but I am busy packing in my mind.
In the Summer here, figuring out which Winter clothes to pack, which bag will do.. and suddenly in the middle of it all, I get really excited and think ... whatever I forgot, I can buy it when I get "home".

The "lookers" came on time today, spent a nice amount of time here and asked questions that one would ask if one were actually , seriously, considering buying.
As always , they are very respectful, polite and when leaving, they tell us how beautiful our home is.

So as all who have bought or sold a home know, we will now wait some more.
For answers, responses, more lookers.
And while we wait, we will continue to enjoy this wonderful place, this wonderful Buenos Aires.

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