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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

On a Cold Wet Day in Argentina

It is cold and damp today.
The sort of cold and damp that causes a continual chill and sweaters are piled on and fuzzy socks and big chenille sweaters that offer a bit of baby blanket comfort on a raw grey day.

We went to do some fact finding regarding selling our home.
None of the facts were to our liking and after coming home, we decided to stay put.
Books, online newspapers and tea and scones has been working well so far.

I look at houses for sale using a website called Trulia.
I have become quite adept at using the birds-eye view map, the zoom option, so I can  see if there is a truck stop next door  to the house that just seems too perfect.
Something has got to be wrong with it !

Now Trulia and I have become Best Friends Forever and I get emails from Trulia.
A House That I Might Like ... yep, they send me houses that they think I will like.
Often , they are right.
Sometimes they are right if I had a million dollars and sometimes the sad fact is that even if they gave me the million dollars, I would not live in that house.
So it can be fun, interesting, informative.
But most of all, it keeps me from getting crazy/anxious about selling our home and moving to a new place again.

I find rooms in magazines online, I spend too much time on blogs like The Paper Mulberry ,  Zsa Zsa Bellagio and for the love of a house and countless others who are all on my Favorites list and who aid and abet my online house decorating mania very nicely.

I thank them all and want them to know that one day, if they were to visit, they would see something familiar and realise that I got that idea from them !

This is my dream today, on a grey wet city day in South America.
I would like to open my door in my home in the US and look out and see this ..


  1. I love trulia and still look at Florida houses there....hope you find a way to move things along.

  2. You'll be home before you know it my friend! Just when you least expect it, everything will come together! I'm honored to be on your favs;) If it were a tiny bit more sunny here my view as I type would look very similar to the one above! You are so smart to see what is around the house- so many times we would fly up thinking we had found the perfect house only to find that the area wasn't quite as perfect as it looked. This will say you tons of leg-work. Fingers and toes crossed that something happens soon!!


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