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There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
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Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."
Groucho Marx
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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


We have "gale force wind" warnings for Buenos Aires.
I checked to be sure the plants on the balcony and kitchen window box are heavy enough and secure. All we need is for a flower pot to land on someone !
I guess it is a Lucky thing the old tree is not in the back any longer.
It would definitely have had a hard time in a big wind storm.
I am hoping the building doesn't have a hard time !
After all, after the first 100 years, you figure it will either manage anything that comes its way or it is just waiting for a big wind to knock it down.
My shutters will remain closed, I will probably not go far.

The one thing you can count on here , is someone will not take the same care and things will be flying around.
Small example... since we moved here, we ( among most others) have been annoyed by the dripping of unknown liquids off of balconies onto unsuspecting heads walking below.

At first, someone said to me, how do I know it is not someones dog on their terrace ?
Now, after living here a while, we know that people water their plants, water spills over and drips off the balcony.
Maids mindlessly sweep things off terraces while working, onto the sidewalks (heads) below.
Mop water is most likely another one of those liquids falling from above.
You can count yourself Lucky to arrive at your destination , dry , on some days.

Yesterday we went to the mall where I was Lucky.
Some days, you just don't find one single thing you want.
Some days, you go out with no intention of shopping and find things everywhere you go.
Yesterday I went to the mall on the hunt for particular things and while I did not find many , I did find a couple.
This is now my version of Lucky in shopping.

I have quit thinking about whatever  I  buy here, will look good in NY.
Thanks to the completely insane machinations of the government here and the overlord who thinks herself omnipotent .. finding someone to buy our home is difficult.
All we can say about that is ... It is a good thing we love it here, we are Lucky that way.

Summer is on its way, maybe someone will come visit when winter "up there" starts to wear thin and a bit of warm sun and a glass of Malbec is tempting.

I have a friend in North Carolina who rescues dogs and finds them homes.
This week she saved a pup as he was being led down the hall to the gas chamber.
If his name isn't Lucky, it should be.
He looks like a dog that would be called Lucky.
Happy Go Lucky.
My friend has earned her wings so many times, she should be able to fly now !
This is the Lucky boy ..
 Now to go prepare for the day and see what Luck brings our way.
Wishing you a Lucky day too .. and remember, sometimes Luck just pops up and you don't recognise it as that at the beginning, then one day you think back on it and realise how Lucky you are !


  1. When I saw Lucky's face, I couldn't resist telling you how lucky I am to have read your post today.

    I would have adopted him in a heartbeat. I'm big on canine adoption.


  2. Thank you Tish :)
    Because of the Good influence my friend has on me, we will look for our next pup, through adoption. They key to this is not to fall in love with them all :)

  3. My Pastis was adopted !
    That woman sounds like Mary?

  4. I also think it's Mary - everyone knows her!



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