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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hey Sailor, Wanna see my scar ?

So the ongoing Saga of the Boo Boo On the Ankle with Many Stitches is coming to an end.
Who is sad about that ?
Who wants to hear about this for at least 5 more weeks ?

The only good things I can think of to say at this point are :
I Love Argentina, I love the people here and I love the doctors.
I would have liked to have loved the doctors more from afar but if one has to get up close and personal with a surgeon, this is the place to do it.
If one has to worry about their skin, this is the place to do it.
The sun shines pretty much 364 days a year.
Even when it is freezing cold ..
My days of cute freckles on the nose have morphed into scary spots on my leg.
Growing up sucks.

Last week I went to see the Lady Surgeon and had high hopes of the plastic surgery being , well, what one would expect... where there had been a little pink spot, there would now be flawless skin and even , maybe, my leg would look .... younger.

What I got last week was the same old leg with a cut with black threads running through it and some very shiny swollen skin.
There went that Beauty pageant  !

One stitch was removed, I was given a small glass bottle of strange liquid that is orange, when sprayed on my leg , the skin turns yellow.
Adding to the glamour.... if you have to have black stitches running through a shiny red cut, make the skin around it yellow... Fabulous.

The surgeon went on a vacation .... she gave me an appointment while she was gone.
Of course that doesn't mean she didn't want to see me ... what made you think that ???

So I got this young sweet surgeon who was very gentle and he apologised for not speaking English ..
I explained to him that he didn't have to, it was all my fault for being a pea brain who can't remember the Spanish words she learned this morning.
So the two of us, with our 5 words of The Other Language, managed to work out that the infection was gone, it would not always be this ugly and come back in 2 weeks so La Doctora can see it and give me something that magically makes scars pretty.

He was good with that last bit.
Men, they learn early how to get out of things and pass on the responsibility.. she made my leg ugly, she can explain how there is no such cream that is going to make it less ugly.

So now it is mostly behind me. .. well , not really behind me, God forbid I have to have surgery behind me !! but I can forget it now... as long as I don't look at my left  ankle.

We are waiting for news from the Realtor.
I send him emails explaining how I am crazy with this and we have to end it and he thinks I am funny.
Someone's mama forgot to tell him about never laughing  when a woman says she is getting crazy.

I have to go now, I need to look at my scar.

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  1. I am so glad the infection is gone... I am sure it will be a nice tiny tiny white line soon and won't be visible at all!!! Love ya!!!!

    Besos Besos ;)


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