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But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful.
There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
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Monday, July 2, 2012

At the Cinema

The movie theatre in our neighbourhood is beautiful.
It was is the lower level of a large mall that was renovated a while back and thankfully, they left the old theatres alone , same big comfortable seats, same carpets with stars on them, blue padded walls...
I feel quite tucked in and happy in a comfy dark theatre with those padded walls and big plush seats.
Hmmmm ... padded walls, happy ... have to think about this a while.

Today is the day our housekeeper comes and it is best we stay out of her way.
And best that we don't have to listen to her non-stop tuneless little whistle that she makes... as if she were a little tea kettle that is losing steam ...

Last week she did not show up.
We got an email from her daughter, describing the terrible accident where a bicyclist hit her.
She is a tiny woman, we cringed at the thought of a mad bicyclist, pedalling like crazy, crashing into our poor little Nely.
We sent kisses and get well wishes.

There was no note from her daughter this weekend or this morning so we were sure she was all better and we would see her.
To stay out of her way, we went to the movies.
We went to see the Woody Allen film.
I have not been to Italy. My husband has.
He had an apartment in the area that was a location for  a few scenes in the movie.
I am sure he enjoyed seeing Rome and his old neighbourhood.

I was happy to see Rome , the Spanish Steps, Penelope Cruz and well, that is about it.
I finally can say that I have seen a Woody Allen movie that I hated.
I was bored to tears, irritated with the silly dialogue and everyone looked terrible.
Woody needs to stop starring in his own films.
Even Judy Davis, whom I adore, looked dreadful.
She had no chance to be funny, which she really is.
And then that (awful in my opinion) man Alec Baldwin was in the film.
Looking and sounding exactly the way he does in "real life" .. just with a nice suit on.

It only made me wish that I could see a good Pedro Almodovar film.

And there was no heat on in the theatre so by the end of the movie, my feet were blocks of ice at the end of sticks of ice ..

We came home to No Nely.
No call, no email.
No excuse for not showing up and forcing me out of the house to see a lousy movie.
I will never forgive her.
Not showing up was bad enough, but sitting through a bad movie ? Unforgivable.

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