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Monday, May 7, 2012

This was my Monday~

"someone put me back in the womb this isn't working out"

This is a wonderful quote for me at the moment. Perfecto. 
You can use it too if you feel the  need.

A little about our Monday.
We had a busy day doing nothing.
We left the house late, because one of us didn't fall asleep until around 3 am and then found it impossible to wake up, then found it impossible to move, except to sit at the computer drinking copious amounts of coffee.
Finally dressed and fortified, we went in search of Baked Goods, Soap and maybe a Flower or two.

We got to L'Occitane 2 minutes before they closed for their "siesta" ... 
Now tell me, it is a soap store, why do they have to close for a couple of hours in the afternoon.
A store that sells Soap that costs hundreds of pesos surely cannot afford to close in the middle of the day so someone can take a nap !!
We got Lavender soap and I made a mistake and thought I got these little delicious smelling hand soaps that are cinnamon and ginger or something .. fabulous scent. 
When we got home I found that they were bath balls.
We will not discuss bath balls.  

We settled down to watch some bloody television thing that is on the internet and I walked into the kitchen for some reason and out of habit, thanks to the earlier years of leaks sprouting in my kitchen ceiling, I looked up.
And saw a new leak. 
The last one was a couple of weeks ago in the laundry room.
Oh sure, the people upstairs fix it, they have to, the building sends a plumber but no one chips in and pays for our continually having to hire painters, do they ?
And then there is the small issue of my Peace of Mind. 
What little there is left. 
I walk into rooms now and look up. 
Soon I will be twitching. 
It is bound to happen.

So I went outside in the hall and saw on the staircase, the beautiful marble staircase that winds up around the beautiful 100 year old elevator, that there was water running down the wall.
Why ? why ?????

So I then dashed downstairs to the lovely lady who "handles things" in English and right away  she did just that.
The plumber will be here tomorrow.
Then the realtor called and said he was bringing someone in the morning. 
9:00 AM ... Nine ... AM ... should I even bother going to sleep ? 
I will just shower and blow dry my hair and put on my make up and sit in the living room.
Maybe I can sleep sitting up. 
Who gets up that early ?? 
I know I know... I did it once upon a time, but this is what happens when you get to quit working and move to Argentina. 
You drink coffee all day long, you get to eat dinner after 9pm or you are a bumpkin and you sleep late.
Those are the rules.

So this was my Monday.
Top that.


  1. Had the day off - Bank Holiday - went to see Morris Dancing and Folk Music and all that stuff... :-)

  2. Oh no!...insane that they can;t sort out her plumbing....yes, 9am is early to have people in your house.

  3. Furtheron, if I could have only been there .

    Razmataz, I know, insane. Which is what I will be if we don't deal with this quickly.
    I think she has been living in denial for a while, since it happens to someone else, not to her. The drip is here, she is fine. I am cranky.

  4. What a Monday....we had a Bank Holiday and we looked after our grandson.
    Thank goodness you looked up.....hope you don't have too much damge.
    More coffee, I think !!! XXXX


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