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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Things I Will Miss When We Leave Buenos Aires

The People, always the people.

The Dog Walkers ... they are sooo annoying but where else do you see a guy with dreadlocks walking down the street with 15 large dogs and they all march along with him like a drill team ?
The Ladies ... from little girls to elderly ladies, the females here are feminine and pretty and make me smile every day.
I love seeing the really old women with their maid, who is often kind of old herself... walking through the grocery stores, talking , picking up this and that, after all those years together, they are not just the lady and her maid any more ..
The really old women sitting in a restaurant with friends, equally really old, laughing and chattering, girlfriends, however old they are.
The women here are respected by men, they have an elegance that is hard to define and they are very fashionable ! I have to work to keep up with them !

The Men ...   ahhhh, the men.
Young ones, old ones, in between ones and little baby ones, they are all lovely.
Their mama's teach them manners and how to be polite.
They hold doors for you, they admire you but they don't embarrass you, they are as good with children as the women are and they look kinda nice too.

The Dogs ... Every memory I have of living in Buenos Aires, has a certain Pup in it.
How he was treated like a special being that everyone wanted to touch, to kiss, to love.
How he enjoyed the parks , the other pups and the lifestyle.
He became a Cafe Pup.
He was good at it too!
He walked in "his " parks each day, he learned to go without his leash ( like the other dogs) and he was patience itself when someone brought their tiny baby over to touch the perro .. he would stand as still as a statue so the little baby could touch him .. grab a handful of hair and be pried off .. he never moved, he took great care with Little ones.
The park at the end of the street is now known as Pup's Park .. ask the Mounted Policemen's horses, they loved him too.
The Museums ... from my house, I can walk, a short distance to 6 Museums. Yes, six.
The Parks ... there are miles and miles of  parks 2 blocks from my home.
Cafes ... they are across the street, around the corner, on every block, in every neighbourhood of the city.

The Coffee ... just when I got used to this coffee, I will have to re-adjust to coffee somewhere else.
I wonder if I can ship some  back to the US ? .. hmmm..
Note to self .. Pack Coffee.

The skies.. I know , the sky is beautiful everywhere .. but it is more beautiful here most of the time.
I feel like the stars are closer, the sun is definitely closer .. my 20 millionth freckle will tell you that .. and the clouds are amazing and there is no color like Argentine sky blue.
But most of all, I will miss the people.
All of them.


  1. That's an awful lot to miss!

    But you also have so much more to look forward to (even if it does have yellow cabs in it)!

  2. I just wonder if that is a photo shoot in the picture or whether that lady just pays the guys to walk around with her like that all day so people look at her ... :-)

  3. Yes, Symdaddy, we have so much to look forward to !
    Furtheron, it is a photo shoot and he made her take that little skip/hop over and over and ....
    This town is full of photo shoots most weeks.. there are so many good locations for film and print ..

  4. Oh, it all looks too gorgeous to leave ! Isn't it lovely that the older generation get so much respect ? will be going from one adventure to another, so there are very exciting times ahead, I'm sure. XXXX

  5. Alicia CerquettiMay 14, 2012 at 9:46 AM

    I wish you the best in your new destination. I will miss youuuuuuuuuu!!!!!


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