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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Merry Merry Month of May

Today is my daughter-in-laws birthday,  tomorrow my daughters birthday.
How lovely is that ??
It is also the beginning of Autumn here. . where I live ... down at the Bottom of the World..

The days are bright  with blue blue skies and the sun shines and it is cold.
The nights require a bit of heat and a down comforter.
No droning of air conditioners, no tossing the covers off then searching for them in the night ... just quiet, soft, warm cuddly sleep .

I admit that getting up in the night or early in the mornings is a bit of a shock .. why did I choose marble for the bathroom floors ?
Why didn't I get the big ugly gas heater in the bedroom instead of the modern electric thing that has to be on for hours before it warms things up ?
With ceilings at least 15 feet high, all the heat goes straight up there ..
I need to raise the bed .. a few feet.
Several feet.

I find myself thinking about cooking.
So far, just thinking.
Soups and pasta dishes , things that go in the oven, like brownies or cookies.
Then I sort of lose that thought and we call in something warm and spicy instead.
But I will bake something chocolate this week, really.

I have some winter clothes out and all my summer things still out so the dressing room is not my favorite room right now.
I want everything neat and in its place.
But I didn't quite figure out how to do this and think of packing if someone buys the apartment this year.
So far, we have not had one looker in 2 weeks. Depressing.

So I have summer clothes waiting to be put away and winter clothes waiting to be out and I still stand there and stare at the closet and tell my husband that I have nothing to wear.

I think a visit to the shops is needed.
Then I won't worry about finding things, the new things will be waiting.
I am thinking of odd shoes that I see everywhere here. Sort of clog/Birkenstock-ish things in black suede that have big platform bottoms and look very comfortable and will make me tall.
I like that.
And then there are the boots and the cute ballet flats , I want to stock up on shoes before we leave.

Tomorrow , my daughters birthday and then let's hope someone sees the apartment and says I have to have it now !
This will be my wish for May.

Happy May to you  !


  1. It's always so much work, going from one season to the next, but don't you just love sleeping in a nice, cool room? Ahhhh.

    Rugs. Rugs in your bathroom. :-) Take it from a woman in Minnesota. :-)


  2. Hope the apartment sells soon so that you can see the birthday people! MtV

  3. Oh, I hope you get a viewer for your flat sounds wonderful I love high ceilings ;-)
    We're waiting for the summer here in London...rain, rain and more rain is forecast !
    Enjoy your day and your daughter (s) birthdays.

  4. Brilliant Pearl !

    Thank you Anony .. from your mouth to ....

    Thank you Catherine, I admit to not being the most patient person, but it is a lovely flat and at least we are waiting in a beautiful spot :)


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