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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Just Us Chickens

We were going to go out and do Things today , be Busy, get Things Done.
We walked to two bakeries and one produce market.

I watered the plants on the balconies and kitchen window box and hoped that they would all be fine when we leave and they stay here.
I buy plants and have gardens wherever I live, the hard part is that when we leave, they can't come with us.

Here, my plants will have a long happy life downstairs in the building garden.
Where they will be tended by the lovely lady who lives on the garden .
Once a couple of years ago, my husband looked out the window and said, there is a chicken in the garden.

( It was early, he had nothing to eat or drink, it had to be too much sun)

I looked down and there they were, chickens walking around the garden.
Nice looking, interesting looking chickens.
Argentine chickens .
We spoke to her later and found that these chickens had come back with them from their campo and there were eggs ! quite a few eggs.
Then the weekend came and we were asked if we could go "turn the eggs" twice a day on the weekend, they were not going to be here.
Of course, we said, we will keep the eggs warm and safe .
And so we did.

When they returned, the eggs were named ..
I decided that since I babysat, that gave me first dibs on naming the chicks.
So we had Eggetha and Eggbert and Egguardo and .. well, you get it.
Then one day, they hatched and we were told that they all made it and they were all happy with the names I gave them.

I always thought about that afterwards, what if we lived in a house or a ground floor apartment on a garden, could I have had chickens ??
Warm eggs each morning , in our apartment, in Buenos Aires ?

Now we are planning to leave.
We will live in the United States and I hope we will be in a house in the countryside and just maybe, we will have a couple of chickens..
I might have to name one after our neighbour , I think she might like that ..

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