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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I am freezing

Winter seems to have arrived.
I didn't notice that Autumn was very long, we hardly had time to enjoy it, it was very warm then , now   it is very cold.
My blood has thinned since living here.
I am freezing.

We went for a long walk today, wandering farther in areas we don't spend much time in.
I had the cell phone in case ... In case someone is still in the city and not out in the countryside  , after all, it has been something like a 5 day weekend, recently declared by the Presidenta.
With much honking and ado, everyone left town last Thursday and I imagine later tonight , they will all arrive back .. hopefully with less honking.
Some people do love their horns.
Some people should be thankful I have no paint balls handy.

My feet are frozen.

It really was nice, walking on Santa Fe, a huge street that is generally jammed with people .. shops and stores and offices and markets side by side.
I try not to go to Santa Fe, I dislike getting knocked around by people seemingly fleeing a fire or at least a dragon, knocking people aside in their rush.
I always seem to be the one getting knocked aside.
I should gain some weight, that'll teach 'em.

There was plenty of room and time to stand outside various windows and look at .... Shoes.
I see a few pairs that I guess I will just have to bring back to the States with me.
I have no idea if they are wearing them there yet but I will bring them anyway.

Black of course.
High platform, picture the Birkenstock clog , 1970's,  with just a front , they are open backed.
Everyone wears them and they look comfy and they will make me taller.
Nothing wrong with that.

And people will say, Oh where did you get those darling shoes ?
And I will shrug and say, Buenos Aires ... how worldly I will seem ~
And then there are the boots .. soft leather, a pair of short boots with metal bits on them, a little Rock 'n Roll looking and a few pairs of soft leather Ballet flats..
I have 2 pair, I think at least 2 more should do it.
One has to be in a leopard print, I think .. maybe the others cream with a black toe.

I am cold.
I think a cold day like this calls for pasta for dinner.
Sorrentinos .. filled with chicken and green onions.
Good, that is settled.

Let's all cross our fingers that when everyone gets back from their holidays, that they all have this sudden urge to buy an apartment !

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