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There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Me and my memories

I am not a patient person.
I never was.
I doubt by now, that I will change.
Some people know this about me and have adjusted quite well.

I also, for all the moving and changing of locations that we do, enjoy staying put somewhere .
Not that I won't wish I were going here or there but sometimes it is comforting to know that Here is where I will be.
Here is where I will stay.
Here , is the place I love.

I sort of had that feeling as soon as we saw our apartment, when we were house hunting here in Buenos Aires.
Walking into the high ceilinged rooms, the shiny old wooden floors, the French doors everywhere, my heart gave a little pitty pat and I thought, This is it.
I sort of expected to live here forever.
Or at least many many years.

We made it exactly the way we wanted it and the way my imagination thought it should be according to all the images stored in my memories of rooms in French homes.
Paris and France were all I had to think of when imagining how the rooms in our new home would look.
My husband has an amazing eye for chandeliers and he often sees things much better than I .. in his mind, as working or not working.
We make a good team.

We had 3 realtors look at the apartment for estimates.
Each had different ideas.
We are using the realtor that we used when we bought it.
It only seems right .. we will come full circle with him .

I am looking at homes in the US .. houses.
Private houses on properties where there are trees and some have brooks or ponds and all have privacy and you cannot see the neighbour, often you cannot see the street.
But what you can see is trees, sky, mountains, and green.
It will be a nice change .
The quiet will also be nice.
I imagine myself lying in bed the first nights, twitching at every strange sound, wondering if someone is breaking in, is there a bear in the kitchen ?

In our building, you must have a key to get in the front door, then 2 keys to get into the apartment.
No one lets you in, if someone comes to the door, you go down the elevator and let them in.
Security is of the utmost importance here.

How will it feel to be in a house with no Porter ?
Just a door between me and Out There.

I miss Pup every day, I am sure I will miss him there too.
We will have to get a new dog.
We like to have a dog and I have the feeling that a dog is a good thing to have when you live in a house in the woods.

So now we just wait.
People come and look and admire and one of them will want to live here too.
Then we will go.

Until then, every day we go for walks and sit in cafes and parks and soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the place and always, the People.
If only I could bring them all back with me and my memories.


  1. I do hope the perfect buyer will cross your doorstep this week.
    May I kindly suggest that you rent in the USA upon your return. I can say from experience that I found it endlessly lonely and lacking of culture when we lived in a rural town, It is also very difficult to re-sell should one find they change their mind on a home in the USA. Despite owning ten plus homes previously we one time made a mistake and it took more than two years to sell the folly.

    Sending best wishes
    Helen xx

    PS Next year we plan on visiting Buenos Aires and I would love to hear your suggestions or have you posted on this previously? hkt

  2. Thank you Helen, I hope so too .
    We are going back to where we come from, so no worries about that. We will have to rent while we house hunt and we look forward to that. It will all be fun.
    When the time comes, ask any questions you wish on BA and I will help as much as possible.

  3. You are in no man's land right now...caught between two places and not really 100% in either one. I do hope you apartment sells quickly and
    you can journey on.

  4. It is tough to be between here and there. Would you get another poodle?

  5. We would definitely consider getting another poodle ... or two .
    It is tough in a way but at least we are in a place we love... until we get to the next place :)


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