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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It's Wednesday, it must be Go to the Hospital day

Here's the story.

If you are blonde, red-haired or just fair skinned and live anywhere that the sun shines , at any time ... start wearing sunblock.
If you were one of those children like I was , lived in sunny places, lived at the beach, never wore sunblock, get a great looking tan,.. you will find yourself , one day, where I found myself today ... sitting across from the Dermatologist who was telling me about the Plastic surgeon I was going to see next.

The Good News:
It is tiny, superficial and on my ankle.

The Bad News:
It is still cancer and has me going through another surgery.

So if you have been anywhere near sunshine lately, start wearing your sunblock and be safe.
I don't want to have to tell you again.


  1. Hello Candice:
    We are so very sorry to learn of this and trust that all will be well, which we are sure that it will be. However these things are always a concern.

  2. Does that apply to me too?

    I live in wet Wales.

    Here, we tend to forget what the Sun is as we see it so rarely.

    Fingers crossed that your surgery goes well.

  3. Take care, thinking of you.

  4. Thank you Jane and Lance ! It is tiresome but I am lucky it is not worse.

    La Brocanteuse, merci beaucoup !! besitos ~

    Symdaddy, it probably does not apply . Although mold might be a problem for you :)
    My surgery this time will probably only require a bandaid, but it feels good to whine. Thank you.
    kisses to you and Sym.

  5. Thank you P.K.
    I will one day be found, stopping people on the street and asking them if they want to see my scar :)

  6. I have some spots I need to get checked. I use a #60 and always sit under an umbrella on the beach.


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