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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What Would I Do ?

What would I do if I were somewhere else, and wanted breakfast ?

Here I have a scone, fresh from the bakery, full of dried fruits and sweet things.
Or a warm croissant from across the street, sticky and fresh and light as air with a lingering taste of honey on the tongue.

Or perhaps just more   coffee with lots of sugar and that jolt of caffeine.. the coffee I said I could never get used to, that I now drink at least 4 cups each morning.

What would I do if I started to feel peckish around 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon ?
A light snack, a bit of sugary substance ?
Coffee ? Tea ?

Here I have the cafe around the corner, where apple crumbles or muffins are warm and fresh.
With coffee, of course.
Or a salad from the tiny cafe on the tiny ( 1 block long ) street that serves amazing chocolate cake or sandwiches or salads .. you can sit outside at The table or inside with the other 7 people eating there ..
I said Tiny, didn't I ?
But fabulous things come in tiny packages, as we all know.

How about a grand old Hotel with a fabulous bar with velvet sofas to sit on where you can people watch and enjoy a glass of wine or a Bloody Mary  ?

What if I just don't feel like cooking ?
Dinner can come to us  .. anything you want, they deliver.
Regardless of weather, at dinner time, those motos are delivering dinners all over town !
Pizza ?
Empanadas ?
How about Chinese, Argentine style ?
Pasta ? How about Penne in Putanesca sauce that leaves your tongue numb for hours after ?

Or pick up something at a place where ladies cook Home style .. mashed potatoes, roasted potatoes, beef, chicken, veggies, tarts and squash and well, sort of like Grandmas house, Argentine style.

I must ponder this some more ... what would I do ?

Of course, as I ponder, I enjoy a scone from the bakery across the street and a bit of coffee .. okay, my 4th cup of coffee.


  1. Typical Argentine breakfast! Love it! I think you'll miss it the day you leave Buenos Aires... if that day ever comes.

  2. :) Gracias, Routeless !
    I miss Buenos Aires at the thought of leaving !
    besitos, C

  3. I would love some medialunas and orange juice...sigh.


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