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Friday, March 2, 2012

The Sky

When we arrived in Buenos Aires, in April 2007, we stayed in an apartment that had this view.
Pup and I would sit on the bed and watch the colors , the clouds and listen to the doves that were nearby ..
Wherever I go , I will always remember this .
At any time of the day or year, Argentina has some breathtaking skies.
Among other things ~


  1. I have often sat with Sym in the garden on warm (we get a few) summer evenings and done exactly the same thing.

    Sky watching, in the right company, can be a very pleasant experience.

  2. Yes, it is and definitely, it depends on the right company :)

  3. THANK YOU FOR VISITING! ANd happy 100th!!!! teeheee....sometimes it feels like only one year, and sometimes, it feels like an eternity, in a GREAT WAY! ENJOY YOUR VIEW! Anita


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