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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Another Day, Another Bakery

Some might say that it is a good thing we walk everywhere here.
Some might wonder how a Scone, 3 Sables, and a bottle of Vitamin Water can keep a person going all day.
I would say, very well , with no lingering after effects and plenty of room for dessert.

We were looking for a bakery that makes scones as good or  (can it be possible?) better than the bakery we go to now.
This bakery never fails in the good scone category but they do fail with schedules.
The deliveries are not always on the day or time they are supposed to be .. causing some people to make the trip all for naught then stand outside on the sidewalk and look bereft.
A sad sight indeed.

Those same people have been known to be bombed from above by pigeons but we won't get into that ... although it will be a lasting memory .. forever ... to the grave.

It is too hot to eat. Food.
Baked goods don't fall into that catagory.
It is never too hot or cold or anything to not eat baked goods.
But who wants to cook in heat and humidity ? Not I.

We walked to the bakery, we walked to L'Occitane because wherever I go in the world, some soaps make me itch.
Yes, me and the Princess and the Pea, we are delicate when it comes to some things.
So foe me, the best soaps and thank goodness they can be found all over the world ( as I know it ) are Lavender, Sandalwood  ,  Rose or Milk soaps by L'Occitane.
If you haven't tried them, get a little bar of Rose hand soap and leave it out on the sink.. half an hour later your bathroom will have this slight lovely scent of roses.

So now we know I am all about the Sugar and the Scent.

I wish Tate were still here to shop for flowers with. He was so good at picking out the best ones .

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  1. I too am very delicate and always uses Pears in the shower. I was dismayed to find the scent had changed. It's now made in India and the scent of frankinsense is stronger...there have been complaints.


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