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Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Walk in Barrio Parque

So I slept late, took my time with several cups of coffee and got dressed and managed to get out the door around 3:00 in the afternoon.
It was a lovely morning.
I might be lacking in energy a bit these days.
But I did want to be out in the fresh air and sunshine.

We wandered over to our favorite place on the Avenue , with the parks lined up, one block after another.
The Jacarandas are blooming again ... purple in the Spring, purple in the Fall.
The end of Summer is coming.
You can feel it.
The days were unbearably hot, then after a few days and nights of thunderstorms, it is cooler.
Nights are very nice, we had no air conditioning on last night for the first time in months !

We walked to our place for Bloody Mary's.
Sitting outside, in the shade, which was almost chilly, we watched the world go by.
Or at least the motorised world of Buenos Aires  .

Always entertaining, with a Big Yellow Tour bus thrown in for fun.
All the people on the buses were wearing hats ( smart, the sun can still cook your brains) and all pointing their cameras .. at the street, the buildings , the cafe, us ..
I thought about pulling out my camera and taking a photo of them, taking a photo of us.
But I lacked sufficient energy.
Did I mention I am very  low energy  these days ?

We walked through my favorite neighborhood , Barrio Parque.
There are only private homes here.
With winding streets, immense gardens , old old  huge trees, flowers everywhere and these amazing homes.
Some are Spanish style with ironwork in the windows and red tile roof tops.
Others are white Center Hall Colonial type homes you might see in Connecticut.
There are   beautiful houses with window boxes full of flowers, beautiful doors, all of them at least 3 stories high.
And you could not hear a sound from the Avenue.
No honking, no car  , truck  or bus sounds came through ..

You only need to be a millionaire to live there, I consider this each time we are there and wonder how to manage this.
But for now, I am content with our beautiful apartment with windows in all the rooms and sunshine always coming in and I can always take a walk in Barrio Parque.

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