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There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
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Groucho Marx
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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sleeping late

I know that I have always been a night owl , someone who hates to go to bed and hates to get up early in the morning.
This has been Me since I was a wee thing.
I always have more energy and ideas at night.
I think there are times when I am just getting started when I have to go to bed.
(grumble grumble sulk )

Tuesday morning I woke at 11:00 AM.
I was shocked ... shocked I tell you !
I have not had that sort of lie in in years !
Should I tell you how good it felt ?
No ?
You will be jealous and want to try it yourself tomorrow ?
Oh, alright, that is a good reason .. sort of.
So I will just say that I was surprised it was so late, I thought it was only around 9:30 ..

I "jumped" ( if you know me, you know there was no actual jumping involved first thing in the morning ) out of bed and wandered in here to the computer, coffee in hand and no particular drive to do anything else for the day but read blogs, read the news online ( thank you NYTimes for making that more difficult ) , and only getting up for necessary breaks .. including the one where I eat a slice of cold pizza washed down with pomelo .. oh, what a great day it was !

Now we have to get back to the way things are normally.
Whatever that is !

Someone has been repairing and retouching paint jobs.
Brilliant man ..  I am slightly envious, he has energy ... he is not overcome by slothfulness.
Actually, if a Sloth and I were in a race, the Sloth would win by at least a nose.


  1. I would love to have a lie-in!

    I've tried. Oh, how I have tried!

    But it's the same thing every time ... between 7.30 to 8 am all my systems ping into life and I just cannot stay in bed ... however good the company!

    I hope you enjoyed yours and would just like you to know that I am insanely jealous!

  2. Believe me, I've done it.
    When you go to bed at 3 and you want to get 8 hrs sleep.... well, you get up at 11!
    Not an everyday occurrence, but it's happened!
    Night owls!!

  3. Sym, that is my husband. All those years of getting up early, he can't sleep late now. I just do it for the both of us :)

    Pamela ... Night Owls are good :)

  4. Ha, your sloth would beat mine to the finish line in a heartbeat.

    I'm a total night owl which is why I'm posting this little 'hi' to you at 4am

  5. Alyson, If only I had known .. I was awake until 3 am .. and for some reason woke at 9 am .. This is getting silly !


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