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Sunday, January 22, 2012

We're having a Heat Wave ... again

I seem to remember writing about a Heat Wave last summer.
Hmmmm, does this mean that every summer I think we are having Heat Waves and it is really just a typical Buenos Aires summer ? for 4 years now ?
Every day is in the 90's, which for the city dwellers out there, you know how much hotter that can feel,  than a 90 ยบ day out in the country.
Or even where there are trees and grass.
Although, here, there are parks full of trees and grass, all kinda dry and yellow .. we aren't getting rain either.
I worry for the cows.
Yes, the cows.
There are thousands of cattle and a lot of horses  that live out in the countryside and they need water and they need shade and if they are anything like me ( hey! you never know !) they must be suffering.
I put fresh water in a little container out on the balcony...
I want my little baby doves to at least have cool water while they huddle in the shade of a plant, on a balcony that faces the afternoon sun.
Every day I am shocked that we don't have 2 little fried doves out there .. although one hasn't been seen for a few days.
It is either better at hiding from me than the other or it has gone .. hopefully flew somewhere cooler.

So as in every city I have lived in, when the weather is too hot or too cold, where do you go ?
A Mall or a Cinema .. in our case, they go together so there have been a few days of window shopping combined with sitting in a freezing cold cinema.

I bought a hat .
Once upon a time in a land far away,  I looked good in most hats.
Here, I almost don't care how I look, as long as it covers my head.
I have developed a fear of bad things that happen to a persons skin.
I have had them already, but people I know are getting worse than what I had so I am more aware than I wish ..
Now, I pull that hat down as far as it will go, to the point where my eyesight is impaired and I make sure I am hanging on to my husbands arm and we stroll in the sun.

That nice looking guy and that woman with the hat pulled down to her chin.

source : photolibre

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