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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Thinking about Trees

I have been thinking a lot about trees lately.
We walk through parks full of the most fantastic trees.
Great huge things , some vaguely familiar, some not at all.
Plane trees were planted here long ago  and they always remind me of Paris.

We have a Plane tree outside our living room window.
Up high up in the branches where we can look out at a small bird or a noisy parrot , for a while lately, it was the Mama Dove. Taking a break from egg sitting.
Then when  the babies hatched and grew larger, she would take a break and sit in the tree, relaxing, while the babies sat there like little downy bald guys ,wobbling around in the nest.
They babies learned to fly.
Now they are gone.
But I still see doves in the tree and wonder if they are our recent balcony tenants.

We walk through the parks and see one tree with huge magnolias , great white waxy flowers, the air is full of sweet scents.
There are trees that have flowers that resemble large pink lilies, these attract hummingbirds in the late afternoon.
We have trees that are shaped like umbrellas, children hide from each other , playing in the park, under these trees.

And then there are the Ombu trees, the size of a large house.
This has to be the tree that Swiss Family Robinson lived in.
I have not seen a tree larger than this anywhere .. simply amazing and I see them all the time.. and I am always awe struck.

What if we leave here ?
What if we go live somewhere else ?
I know how I will mourn the absence of the lovely people here ... but the trees !
I will miss the trees.
Would having my own trees make it better ?
Would having an apple tree be solace ?
What if I hung a swing in my own tree, would that make me feel better ?

As I said, I have been thinking a lot about trees lately.


Pearl said...

This is why I love you. Because you think of trees.

Perhaps next you will need to see California, if you have not already, and visit the sequoia. :-) From what I understand, it is a tree worth thinking of as well!


NotesFromAbroad said...

Thank you Pearl !
I am happy to be loved.. even if it is because I think of trees :D
I used to live in California, you are right... trees worth thinking about.

Anonymous said...

There is a beautifal tree nearby that looks like a naked giant bonsai. I think of Japan every time I see it. Sometimes we see trees falling on things in a storm and fear for our homes. Mixed blessings. Love. Mt.V.

NotesFromAbroad said...

Mt V, that used to be a fear of mine when we lived in a house with trees all around.
But here, the building is safe, I can admire with no fear :)
But you never know, some day ... I might find myself looking out the windows of a house, at all the trees around me ..

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