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Alan Cohen
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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Some whine ?

When the sun is so strong and so hot that   you can feel the freckles popping out and you know your nose is getting a bit too pink, thinking of far away places where it is Winter and at least cooler than 90ºF helps me ... just a little.

I think,  at least with my mind busy with  Where is it nice and cool ? keeps me from voicing my discomfort and sounding like a whiner.
Okay , nothing will help it, I sound like a whiner when it is so hot and the sun is baking me down.
This is the image I have tried to keep in mind when I need to put myself into another place ..mentally at least. (photo taken by Billy Currie )

We decided to walk and take photos .
Then we decided to find a place that had gotten some  good reviews for their empanadas, so we ended up walking miles ... in the hot sun ... ( anyone feeling sorry for me yet ?)

I know , talking to the rest of the world ( except the Other part of the Southern Hemisphere) is not going to get me a lot of sympathy.
I hear it is a bit cold and damp where you live.

Now back to my whine.

We had walked so far, that there was no turning back,  so I stopped in the shade and took some photos and then .. as we walked, we found the place !
Immediately ordering a slice of a Fugazetta Relleno. ( Stuffed pizza )
As my Aunt Jean would say ... Lawsy !
It was very tasty, maybe better with less onions but it definitely was a tasty dish to set before ... us .
There was no way I was cooking today so we brought home all sorts of empanadas and that will be dinner.

My arteries will have to take it up with me later, I think for all the miles I walk every day, they should still be fairly happy.
And if not, after tonight, I doubt I will want to see any cheese for at least a month.

The heat spell seems to be lasting ...
Instead of hoping for it to break overnight, I now hope it breaks in a month.
But being January, I have a feeling it will be March before I can quit whining.
Yes, be glad you don't live with me ..

Keep in mind .. if the winter cold, snow, wet, damp, ice gets you down, you can contact me.
I will listen to you and sympathise and memorise every word that describes what it is like to be in serious cold again.
So go ahead, if you need me, I am here ..


  1. "The snow had begun in the gloaming"

    it's pretty on the trees where the fat bluejays perch looking like
    Christmas tree ornaments.

    The negative is that it's cold and windy and when walking Pastis, my face feels like it's on fire and the wind rips through my lined gloves.

  2. cigale, it has been so long since we have seen snow ! Stay warm .. besos to P ..

  3. wanna trade?
    Think NYC
    It just started snowing and it ain't stopping :(

  4. Snow ? from someone who has not seen a NorthEast Snow in a few years, it sounds lovely :)
    Stay warm, besos, C


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