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Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday .. Look at This Blog !

Mai Tais Picture Book

Thanks to cigalechanta, I have been introduced to a new blog.
I need a new blog to read, like a hole in the head but I cannot stop reading this one and enjoying all the photos. The fact that there is Paris and jewelry and nice handbags doesn't put me off either ~
Why, I might even learn how to manage my scarves now !


  1. its true Candice we need a second life to read all the blogs ! LOVE the magnificent building from friday enjoy the week fay x

  2. thank you, Candice. Mai Tai lives in Languedoc.
    I love her collection, I bought a fox collar for my Christmas present.

  3. Oh, no, thank you , cigale ~ I enjoy this blog very much !
    A fox collar must be nice and warm for you right now .. Stay warm.
    Besitos, Fay !I am glad you liked the photos :)

  4. Just checked it out so many great tips on new ways to wear my scarf collection...have work to do so will have to browse later.
    Thanks Candice
    Carla x


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