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But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful.
There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
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Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."
Groucho Marx
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Monday, January 9, 2012


It is 98º F or 36.8 º C

In other words, it is ridiculously hot and airless and uncomfortable outdoors.
We have a dove nesting on one of our balconies.
There are 2 babies that I worry will fry out in the sun.
There is no shade there.
The least I could do is put fresh water out there for the mama dove so she doesn't drop over dead from the heat.
Do birds do that ?
I wanted to make a little awning out of something but my husband told me I was just upsetting her, fussing around out there .. sigh ~ I think she appreciates the thought though.

No one is out walking around unless they are (1) working (2) crazy (3) ex-pats going to the market.
We could do as our neighbors do and order it by phone or shop, then come home and have it delivered ... but why do something so easy ?

We walk to the market ( which is at least, well air-conditioned ) and shop and carry it home.
Halfway home, the bags suddenly become twice as heavy and one of us begins to whine.
Whines that involve numerous mentions of people doing this for us, phoning in orders, deliveries and then they sort of go off topic into the realm of trips to Bariloche and wouldn't it be nice to be in Upstate NY right about now.

One of us blames it all on Ravings from Heat Exhaustion.
The other is patient , kind and good and keeps his mouth shut.
Reason # 5,546,978 on the list of why I love him .

Tonight there will be no cooking .. I might be sliding into mental feebleness but even I know better than to attempt to cook and or clean up in this heat.
A sandwich will do nicely.
We bought a rotisserie chicken, all roasted brown and juicy.
Some tomatoes from the produce market and some loaves from the French Patisserie and we are good to go.
Dessert will be a Budin made by some nice person at the store. ( picture bread pudding soaked in dulce de leche , all caramel-ly tasting ) and of course, a nice bowl of ice cream picked up this morning .. Chocolate Suisse and Orange Sorbet ..

It might be hot but we can still eat well.
Then a movie on cable .. Even with a new cineplex just blocks from our home, I am not walking in the heat to see a movie. Not when they come to my house .

Tomorrow .. there are doctors appointments and important things to do and I am guessing that is when the heat will break and we will have some good old Buenos Aires Thunderstorms.
They do Thunderstorms really well here.
Big thunder. Big lightening. Heavy rainfall that causes all the gutters to flood over on the sidewalks, no one can step off a curb and sometimes hail.
There are cars still driving around with dents all over them from the last hail storm.

Then the lower streets will flood, traffic will back up and happy days, they will get to honk their horns some more.
See, even bad weather and traffic has it's upside.

Hasta mañana ~

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