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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Everything is Fine...but your Spanish needs work

I went to bed last night with pains ..
I woke with them.
I got scared.
We went to see the good doctors at our hospital.
You know, in the US, we would have seen our doctor.
He would have referred me to a specialist.
He would have sent me to a hospital for tests.
They would have gotten back to the doctor with the results.
He would have made an appointment for me to come in and hear the results.

I saw a doctor, she sent me downstairs to get the Sonogram.
I came back up to her office with the results, she sent me to the cafe for coffee .. half an hour later I was told nothing is wrong.
Actually, Better - Everything is Fine.
Everything is where it is supposed to be.
There is nothing there that is not supposed to be there .
I have medicine to take and then it will be just a memory.

The nice side effect of rushing to the doctor in a panic, is that I found out that a lot of other parts of me are in perfectly good shape too.

Everything is Fine.

( if there is something that could be considered not-so-fine it would be my Spanish.
The doctor speaks a little, understood more.
The echocardiographer spoke perfect English ... lucky lucky me !

The results were told to me in Spanish- you would understand them in any language.. but
I have to learn to speak and understand more EspaƱol !
I have to start conversing with my husband .. only in Spanish.. it will be a very limited conversation we will be having .. it is going to be very quiet around here . )


  1. I congratulate you on your 'fineness', 'completeness' and 'shapeliness'.

    "That's another three 'nesses' you've got me in, Stanley!"

  2. Thank you dear Symdaddy !
    I can only wish the same for you and Sym ... fine and well.
    Am I Ollie then, Stanley ? :O)

  3. This is my worst fear, in any language and in any country, but mostly here in France. I'm so glad everything worked out fine. Good luck with the conversation at home.

  4. Keir, almost all of the doctors at this hospital, speak English and if one doesn't, they get someone to translate.
    It was definitely one of my biggest fears .. that What If ?
    So far, at home, there has been no conversation .. in Spanish that is :)
    Thank you for your comment ! besitos ! C


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