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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

This and That & A Recipe

Today was truly a day of This and That.
We had storms in the night, the day was not quite as terribly hot.
There was a nice breeze blowing so walking on the shady side of the street, we were able to get some errands run and not suffer sunstroke.

No matter what I do, freckles appear an hour later and there are spots that are pink, no matter how much sunblock I wear.
Argentine sun .. it is special.

We took a little walk that turned into a very long walk, picking up goodies from the bakery , powdered sugar  croissants, fresh loaves of bread, a few "sables" which seem to be mainly made from sugar and butter, crisp and melt in your mouth sort of cookie/things.

Then on the way home, who could resist Volta ? ( ice cream) .. certainly not one of us !
So we picked up a kilo of  lemon sorbet, chocolate suiza , strawberry sorbet.
Sugar overload ?
Noooooo .... you must learn to build your tolerance ... by taking small "doses" several times a day ..
It might seem like work but it pays off.

Then we waited for our Computer Wizard to show up and figure out where my thousand plus photographs have been hidden.
While we waited, we listened to the crowds gathering.
Apparently, someone bussed in loads of people who had nothing better to do today than be in our neighborhood, with flags and things that made noise.
Mostly that would be Cherry Bomb sorts of fireworks .. you know, no pretty sparkles, just a bone shattering bomb exploding sound.
Charming, in a residential neighborhood with babies and children as well as old folks like me.

They waved their flags around , gathered in a great crowd, while someone ( not an official) closed off one of the streets so they could gather in comfort, let those silly cars find another way..

This is what you get for living near an Embassy.
An Embassy for a country that the Argentines are not happy with at this time.
An Embassy that was well protected and probably didn't hear a thing, no , that was for the ordinary people who live here and just want some peace and quiet while they eat their ice cream !

So the Wizard showed up and found my photos.
I still don't know where to send them when I download so the photo showing on here will be limited for a while, I am afraid..he has been sent a message- h e l p .

Dinner is over and I think I hear people chanting ... oh Lordy .. not again.


Couscous with Chicken, Tomatoes and Greek Olives .

Make regular couscous with broth instead of water ..
Chop up some tomatoes.
Dice some red onion.
Dice some greek/black olives.

Saute chicken cutlets in olive oil with a bit of Masala seasoning ( anything spicy is good) and let cool.
Dice . Add to couscous.

Toss everything with a bit of Caesar salad dressing ( you can choose what you would like.. I wanted something less oily and more creamy) and serve in a warm pita bread.


  1. Sounds deliious. I never would have thought of tossing with Caesar dressing.

  2. Beautiful photo!
    My husband loves couscous, and this one looks delicious, thanks for posting the recipe :-)

  3. karen, it is a very light , creamy Ceasar from the markets here. I thought the seasoning would work well and it really did. You just have to play with it and keep taste be sure to make enough :)

    Sara Louise, thank you ! I forget couscous and how easy it is to make. Right now with the heat here, it is a perfect dish.


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