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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cafe con leche, por favor

Although this little boy is telling you about a problem I have ,
I can tell you that we are never very far away from caffeine, here in Buenos Aires.
Oh, yes, for the lucky ones who party at night and don't need much sleep and those who actually require sleep and sadly must get up early in the mornings, drinking coffee here is part of a regular day .. from the moment you wake up.

After your morning coffee, you get dressed and go out ..
Shopping, banking, errands, lunch with friends, did I say shopping ?
there is always something to do .
But you can't really do it properly until you stop at a cafe and have a nice cup of coffee.
They almost always give you a little cookie or something with your coffee.
Some cafes will give you a tiny glass of orange juice ( sometimes fresh squeezed!)..
Then you go on with your errands, get your business done , stop for a coffee while you decide what you want to get for dinner or should you eat out.

Later in the day, a stop at a favorite cafe is the norm, visiting with our friend who owns the cafe, practicing reading Spanish , browsing the magazines he keeps, the Clarin newspaper and listening to Piaf .
(He likes French music .. so do we .. we are muy contenta )

Now it is late in the day .. a day that sadly no longer is broken up with Pup walks and Pup meals, we just keep going until we and the caffeine run out.
Then we go home ..
I am always surprised that I go to sleep at all.
Some nights I am awake until 2 or 3 ...
I would rather I was out dancing but sometimes I am just lying there, listening to my husband sleeping, thinking about this and that ... wishing I were sleeping.
Then I blame the caffeine and swear, no more.

The next day I am so tired , I have a few more cups of coffee.
Then we take a walk and see a new cafe ... we stop for coffee ... and so goes the day ~

I will have a cafe con leche , muchas gracias ~


  1. My Dear Candice you must think me very in sensitive I had a break from blogging in the summer for a couple of months and i didnt know your sad news about Pup > Im SO sorry I know what it is to lose a much loved pet He was such a LOVELY dog and friend and its so nice to see his picture BIG HUGS all round and enjoy the coffee I know exactly what you mean !!! my day is equally punctuated Fay xxxx

  2. Stephen, muy bien ! :)

    Fay, no, I realised that you had not read about the loss of our Pup.
    Thank you very much for your kind words .. it has been almost 5 months and I still expect to see him when I walk in the door ~

  3. Love your blog! It is always interesting to know what foreigners see in Buenos Aires, a place that I call home again after 14 years in NY
    Argentinian I am, but sort of almost a foreigner, it is so hard to reconnect with this country. But I feel at home at the same time, weird weird home.
    Used to write a blog myself, now I have no time whatsoever.
    Send you my best regards and keep writing! You have a very fresh and sweet way of express your emotions
    Happy 2012!
    The Chukker

  4. NotesFromAbroad said...
    Oh chukker ! What a nice things you say !
    I am so very glad you are enjoying the blog .. I will keep writing, even if everyone begs me to stop ..muchas gracias y besitos !

  5. now I'll have to search for an Argentinian movie on Netflix.
    You've whet my appetite for the lifestyle.
    New York is not like that...


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