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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Holiday Thinking

Well, the Tree is up, decorations are scattered about the house.
Shopping will commence tomorrow ..

Living at the Bottom of the World requires a change in Holiday Thinking.
First of all, you are at the Bottom of the World .. Christmas happens in the Summer.
( if you are like some people I know ( me) you will never get into the mood, you will grumble quite a bit about going out in the heat to shop and they never have what you are looking for ) ..
But if Christmas came along ... say in July or August, it would at least be suitable weather for shopping.
Someone might even complain less.
Stranger things have happened.

So there are no decorations, no trees and no wreaths.
I have to make do with what I have ... thanking myself for being so strong about bringing all of my favorite Holiday Things that would make our New home on this new planet, more homey.

I make sure that anyone listening or pretending to listen, hears how I stuck to my guns and brought those damn decorations and now they just gather dust in the closet because there is no tree.
But I do have my little tree.
It used to decorate the mantle .. back in the US where Christmas still comes along in Winter.

It isn't just about the tree.
It isn't just about being hot and getting sunburned while Christmas shopping.
I can't bake either.
It is too hot.
The apartment would melt.

Well, the baker would.

I am determined to have Christmas this winter, July or August ..
I will bake cookies and cakes and pies and roast a chicken and sing Christmas songs. ( the neighbors will shake their heads and think , she seems so nice but boy is she loony) ..

Yes, that is the plan.
So for now, Happy Holidays ..
I hope you are enjoying Christmas the way you are meant to .. freezing while shopping.


  1. Hello Candice:
    Yes it does seem strange that Christmas for you is in sweltering temperatures and for us it is in plunging temperatures, but Christmas on a beach might be fun?!!!!

    We love your little Christmas tree and think that your arrangement on the mantlepiece looks such festive.

    Thank you so much for the e-Christmas card, yet another novel idea. We loved it and it made our day. We recognise that this year Christmas may well be difficult for you without Pup but we wish you every happiness and joy for the season and Happy Holidays!!


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