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Alan Cohen
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Friday, December 2, 2011


It seems that Time is running out.

Our visitors think it is time to start getting the suitcase loaded up with much more than they came with.
Time to think about where to put it all.
Time for mom and dad to make themselves scarce lest the sad looks make the visitors feel worse than they already do .. they like it here, they have such fun here, they love the food, the accomodations are excellent and the company seems to agree with them.
They arrived a little tired, smiling but a bit worn.

They will be leaving with a tiny bit of color in their cheeks, perhaps a few ounces gained, some new clothes and presents helping fill the suitcase and an immeasureable amount of love packed in too.

There are lots of memories to carry along with them.
Laughing and yelling at the Racetrack.
Winning at the racetrack.
Exploring neighborhoods.
Talking late into the night.
Returning to old restaurants and favorite places.
Finding new restaurants and making new favorites.
Taking photos.
Standing still while someone takes their photo.
Loving. Lots of loving. Lots of planning.
I would say that the Time was well spent, full of all the things that are important.
Good food.


  1. I'm pleased that all went well!

    Oh my god! Is that the time? I'm late for work!

  2. It's exactly the same when we have friends and family visit us here in France. But we just look forward to the next visit. Visiting your blog is almost as good as the trips we took to BA. Fabulous city and warm and wonderful people. You are lucky indeed.

  3. Glad you have had a wonderful, memorable time with your family. I find as we get older, the time spent together, becomes even more special. It's hard to say goodbye after being with loved ones. I remember when we would visit my grandmother. When we left she would stand in the driveway, tears in her eyes, waving us goodbye.

  4. What a wonderful visit, so full of happiness! Buen viaje to the travelers.

  5. Symdaddy, you can be late for work, just don't be late for dinner ! :)

    Anonymous, Thank you so much ! What a lovely thing to say ..

    Madison, I cannot imagine how difficult it would be if I were having to say goodbye to grandbabies !
    Things might have to change before that happens :)
    I cry when they arrive, I cry when they leave ~

  6. Thank you, Anony !
    Today is going to be one of those bittersweet, getting all the last minute things done sort of days.
    ~besos ~


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