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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Day at the Races

Monday 11/21
What to do , what to do... the weather was grey and cloudy and very humid. But a nice cool breeze was blowing.
No one wanted to go shopping or walking around much .
Mmmm... what about the horse races?
We had a nice leisurely morning, then we all piled into a taxi and off we went to the Hippodromo !
A beautiful race track, privately owned, no drinking, no photos please !

We forgot one of the rules regarding where one can watch the races ...
Depending on how you dress.. right down to the No Sneakers rule.
So we ended up, not sitting up in the cushy seat glassed in boxes, but right down on the track, outside ..
It was fantastic !

Because of the weather, we were not burning up in the sun, the proximity to the track was fabulous.
There is nothing like standing there and having 10 or 11 large, incredibly beautiful, solid muscle and speed, Argentine race horses fly past you at high speed ... clods of dirt flying.

You could hear them breathing .. the whips hitting the boots, it was ( especially to this horse lover) breathtaking.

And the part about me winning was kinda fun too.

We will be going back again, this time we will remember about the shoe rules and will see how we like sitting upstairs at tables.

I hope my luck is as good inside as it was today, outside.
Remember : 7 and 11 really are lucky numbers.

We went again and this time we were more scientific in our horse choosing .. although the race I won, was chosen according to how beautiful the horse was. We all won a little and lost a little and went home even. Can't complain about that.

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