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Monday, November 7, 2011

The Anniversary

The Anniversary went very well.
Someone was surprised by a present that was completely unexpected.
Someone else has to wait for their present.
One of us had a sore throat.
One of us developed a sympathy sore throat .
Plans are made for further celebrations when Everyone is feeling well.
Dinner was hot spicy Chinese food.

It might not be what others, especially the early marrieds, think of as a great anniversary celebration, but the things that made it perfect were ..
We are still crazy about each other after all these years, sitting home with Chinese food and being cozy is as Romantic and Special as getting all dolled up and going to some posh place ..

We have had Anniversary celebrations in Paris, in London, in New York, Las Vegas and Montreal .. they have all been memorable, but those spent at home were just as lovely, just as special and just as romantic.

We came to Buenos Aires on a trip, for our anniversary, 5 years ago.
And here we are ~

Happy Anniversary H ... I love you.

image : Robert Indiana


  1. Congrats! Pleased it all went well!

    It's my third wedding anniversary today!

    Her 'Ladyship' is having a lie in and I'm off to work in a few minutes!

  2. Happy Anniversary Symdaddy & her Ladyship !

  3. Happy belated anniversary to you and H!



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