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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rainy day

It's raining.
I , of course, am reminded of Pup right away .. walking him in the rain meant that someone got wet, someone had to stand hopefully in the shelter of a large tree in the park ( hoping lightening did not strike ) while Pup took an especially long time sniffing every leaf and blade of grass in said park, until he went.
Then they would walk home, both of them dripping by then, bedraggled doesn't really describe it.
Pup always waited until he was in the building, up the elevator, inside the kitchen, before shaking it all off.
Good boy.
I learned early on .. to hold the towel in front of Me when he came in the door.
Which he also thought was great fun, a signal that there would be a Towel Tug of War.
Which for some reason .... he always won.
Perhaps because I would grow weak with laughter at his vicious ( only to the towel ) carrying on , growling, pulling , sliding across the floor if I pulled too hard .. then victoriously prancing through the house afterwards, dragging the wet towel/prize with him while I sat on the floor trying to wipe the tears of laughter from my face and get the strength to go catch him and get that damned towel back.
Never mind everything in the kitchen, hall and living room were damp at the end of all that.
Rainy days used to be fun.

Now we just worry about ourselves, running along the sides of the buildings, making sure to stay under the awnings, balconies and dashing across the street against the light which is really tempting to all BA drivers ... Look, a Pedestrian ! Start Your Engines !!

It is cozy here, being inside when it rains.
The swooshing sounds from the traffic , the sounds of the rain hitting the shutters at night when all is quiet, soothing rainy days and night sounds.

We went to the new mall , with 10 cinemas .. you would think with 10 movies, there would be a great choice .. but often most or all are dubbed or in foreign languages subtitled in Spanish.
We can read Spanish but not that fast ..
I do this with the television and miss too much of what is going on, figuring out what the heck are they are saying ?
Which brings me to my lament.
I can't see foreign movies here.
No more French films, no more Depardieu or Fanny Ardant or Johnny Halliday .. weeping weeping..
IF there were a video store around, it would have only subtitles in Spanish and or the original langauges.
So there are English language movies but old old ones that we are now watching on late night television.

By next year when we go back to the US for a visit, I will have a list a mile long of videos to see/or bring back with me.
So today we saw a Speilberg movie about a boy and a Robot .. and it was actually pretty good.
It did not hurt to have Hugh Jackman in it ... no, that part didn't hurt.
When we went in to the theatre, it was cloudy, when we walked out, it was pouring. . flooding at the curbs, there was no way we would make it home without getting soaked.
But we actually managed to come home only slightly wet .. thanks to balconies, overhangs and awnings.
We are all tucked in for the night, rainy night sounds outside, cozy food smells from the kitchen .. only one thing is missing. I will leave the towel by the door ... just for old times sake.


kelly@tearinguphouses said...

aw. pup. tear...!

24 Corners said...

Oh, such a sweet, and fun, memory of Pup. It's these everyday normal occurances that end up being stored in our hearts...and thank heavens they are.
I wish we were having rain that was leading into spring...ours is heading into the bleak time!
Soon flowers and blue skies will be surrounding you...
xo J~

aBroad said...

Thank you ! Yes, Kelly, still lots of tears ..
J .. I don't mind winter down here, it is mostly bright sunshine and blue skies ... just cold. After such a sad winter, I am all too ready for sunshine and warm !

Kristin said...

Your dog is just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!


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