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Sunday, October 23, 2011


Friday we went to the Hippodrome.
The Buenos Aires Racetrack .. one of the prettiest that I can remember going to.
The day was also pretty. There were no races on Friday but we walked around, took a few sneaky photos .. they shake their heads, no no photos .. so I had to grab a few and run.
We are going back when the horses are there .. that will be nice.
Otherwise, a racetrack is kinda dull.
But this one has several restaurants, a shopping arcade ( to spend all those winnings) and best of all, for the sheer goofy fun of it, there is what seems like miles of rooms full of slot machines downstairs.
What made me laugh even more was that it is open 24 hours a day and when we were there, it was busy.
Older people, young people, many older ladies and a few very old ladies. Very.
We played around with a couple of slot machines, then decided that sunshine and horses was much more exciting.
Unless I won that 5 Gazillion Mega Pesos Jackpot .. then I might think it is exciting down there.
So next week, see ya at the Jockey Club ..


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful racetrack!
Thanks for the great pictures!
Are there breeding farms near you to tour?
Just wondering where all the famous
racehorses bred in Argentina
like Bayakoa, Paseana,
Candy Ride and Invasor grew up.


aBroad said...

Hi, Thanks ! I am not sure where the farms are, probably not near me, as everything is a great distance from the city. This place is so huge .. I sure would like to visit one though :)

Sabrina said...

Beautiful pictures!!! And, when I make it to B.A., I want to go play the slots with you two!!!!!! What fun!!!!! I am leaving your blog on so I can listen to the wonderful music while I sit here in my little corner of an office trying to write dull agreements...

aBroad said...

Thank you !
Yes, we will go play the slots.
I am glad you like the music .. I worry it will drive people mad after a while :)

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