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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Get Lost !

There was a time, after we arrived here and had to spend hours ! days ! looking for apartments to buy, finding the Immigrations places, the Police station , the pharmacies, the super markets and everything else a person needs in their daily life in their home town, that getting lost was almost a daily occurrence.
I am terrible for being Sure that I know the way..
I don't get lost too easily so I am overly-confident and I insist it is This Way !! only miles and hours later will I conceded that maybe I was mistaken .. or they moved the store ! .. or the street! ... or something.

We walked everywhere we could, we still do.
You learn your town much better from the ground, not while zooming past in a taxi or a car.
You see the people on the street, you see your neighbours, the baker, the flower man and the Porters who stand outside every morning and every evening.
With Pup, we met everyone and he made it all so very easy and happy.
And I never worried about getting lost because the three of us were together, wherever we were.

Now we don't have Pup to walk, but we still walk everywhere.
It has been very good for us in unexpected ways.
I can eat like a starving animal and not gain weight.
We are in very good physical shape and we feel at home here.
You walk past the same place every day, they are going to start smiling and waving.
All of this makes us feel more At Home .. even if we are still unable to carry on anything but the most elementary conversation in Spanish.

We have started out, knowing exactly what the store looks like that we must visit .. and for some reason, we cannot find it.
Are we lost ?
Did we take a wrong turn ?
Are we dreaming ?
The store moved.
We found a store that sells special soap .. handmade/ homemade, it is nice and smells good.
And now we cannot find the store.
We walked miles, up and down the neighbourhood streets, that store is hiding!

I carry the camera with me most days, I might start photographing landmarks so we remember where we left a store that we might want to go back to.

The great thing about where we live is that we are very close to a Museum, huge parks and a landmark.
So as long as we can find our way back to one of those- we will find our way home.

We are about to leave Buenos Aires for the day .
There will be no familiar landmarks, no one who knows us or understands us ( our version of Spanish) .. and we are taking a Train !
If we don't get lost ... or even if we do ... you will hear all about it here ..

If you don't hear about it .. soon .. Send Help .. I will leave a trail of cookies crumbs.


  1. OH! What wonderful music dearest! Thank you for coming to visit me today!!! And Paris; what a wonderful idea for any time! GROSSES BISES, Anita

  2. Can't wait to hear about your trip. Bring bread crumbs!

  3. I am so sorry, Candice! I didn't know! I can understand you miss him. Hope it will get better soon. Maybe you will get a new dog after a while? Have a nice evening!



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