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Alan Cohen
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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Coming Home

It turned into one of those perfect Spring days when the skies cleared up, the sun shone warmly and a light cool breeze kept everyone comfortable.
There was not one peep out of the person who gets cranky when she has to walk around in the heat .. not one.
We went to Palermo Soho where we just walked, browsed, ate lunch outdoors and walked some more.
It was all lovely.
The flowers are blooming everywhere in the city, the trees are filling out and brilliant green.. creating tunnels of shade on some streets.
I looked in windows but nothing grabbed me enough to coax me into a shop and out of the fresh air and sunshine.
Every time we go to this neighborhood, I want to move there.
I want to live in a low building , where there is a garden and I can hear birds in the morning and when you walk out the door, it is like being in a village somewhere, not just a neighborhood in a huge city.
The trees shade the streets , there are parks full of flowering trees, where on Sundays there are ferias and art shows and there is a huge fountain where the children sit and chat with each other after school.
I always say, I want to live here, but then when we get in the taxi and we head back to our neighborhood, back to the stately homes and old French style buildings with so much charm ..
I happily feel that I am coming home..

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  1. Hello Candice:
    What a beautiful day you capture here in these absolutely delightful photographs. East, West, Home's best as they say and with such a warm feeling on your return, it would probably be a mistake to move. Your house certainly looks to be extremely attractive to us.


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